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Interior Designer in Sector 75 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm How to design a garden What types of garden fences are found? If you think there is a limit to the types of garden forests, you are wrong. It could be a wooden wall around the whole garden, or a fence made of wax. While it can be given an industrial style by assembling pieces of plastic, it is second to none with a rural-style fence made of wooden planks. If you want, make a fence to protect your garden by adding bamboo or become the most unique and build a stone wall.

As we have said, elections are numerous. All you have to do is choose a design that suits your home and the surrounding area. For example, if you want to enjoy the view of the city outside, make this fence smaller, but if you live in an area where houses are built nearby and you do not want to compromise on privacy, then a high wall is better for you. Where can I find tips for creating a small garden? Your outdoor space may be small and you may be hesitant to build a garden there  . So no worries! has brought you a lot of tips that you will not want to miss a single moment after reading the green and lush nature. First of all, know that a small garden does not mean that you cannot plant tall trees in it. It is best to plant trees and large plants along the wall so that they do not obstruct access. If you find it difficult to clean the garden, you can put a wooden deck in the middle instead of grass, which will look beautiful as well as reduce your workload. Which design is best for my outdoor garden? The answer to this question depends on the texture of your home and the size of your garden. If your home is built in a rural style, the use of wood and abundant wildflowers will add to the beauty of the garden. The use of stones and pots for modern and industrial style home gardens is considered to be the best as they give beauty as well as innovation to the place. Always keep garden furniture appropriate to its size. Minimal furniture should be kept in the small garden so that the growth of flowering plants is not hindered. Brightly colored furniture always makes a garden more pleasant. You can also make a pond in a large garden which will be a nice addition. But if you don’t have much space in your garden and you love water, you can also make a small artificial waterfall in the wall. How do I give my flowering plants a long life? This is a thought-provoking question. Because we know that plant life is very short. If left un managed, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Therefore, it is important to water them on time and keep them in such a way that they are exposed to the sun at certain times of the day, as staying in the sun all day can also cause burns. In addition, pruning of weeds and withered leaves is equally important. Remember that plants breathe just like us. Love, attention and care is the secret of their longevity. Important garden accessories The last and most important question that bothers you is the choice of essentials for the garden. Remember that the real beauty of your garden is its flowering plants, so you have to make all the decorations keeping them in mind. Make sure that your large furniture or bright lights do not discourage them. Choose light and comfortable furniture for the garden where you can sit and appreciate the beauty of nature. The lights are dim, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Some people also make a small fireplace in the garden which is a blessing in the cold months.  

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Among the interior elements of a living room, flooring is by far the most visually influential. Depending on what material, what color and tone, and what pattern the floor is matched with, the style and atmosphere created varies considerably. Unlike items that can be changed relatively easily, such as furniture and accessories, it is difficult to change once selected and installed, which is one of the reasons why you should be especially careful when choosing a living room floor. Let’s take a closer look at the interior flooring that matches each living room and come up with styling ideas that match the image according to the material, pattern, and color. If you are having a hard time choosing a flooring material for your interior, this could be an opportunity to get some great inspiration. If you want to create a sophisticated and elegant style, why not try finishing the floor with this smooth Bianco tile? Bianco tile, characterized by its soft texture and luxurious luster, creates a style similar to that of marble, but the materials and construction cost are relatively reasonable. Since it can be processed into various patterns and designs that can be expressed, it is rather an effective item to produce a wide range of styles. The living room in the photo is a case of matching glossy Bianco tiles, and depending on the interior, you can choose matte tiles to create an elegant atmosphere. The living room interior is finished with wood flooring, the most optimized flooring for the Nordic style. Solid wood flooring with natural textures and patterns that are difficult to express with artificial methods and strong durability is recommended when you want to create a luxurious and comfortable space. Although the price is more expensive than other flooring materials, it would be an ideal choice if you want to capture the beautiful natural beauty and the touch that gently adheres to the skin. The modern natural living room interior with a lyrical atmosphere seems to gently melt the hearts of the viewers. The living room, in which only the necessary furniture is arranged in the basic monotone interior, strongly appeals to the simple style with a clean image without frills. At the heart of the concept is a neutral floor with porcelain tiles. If you want to create a comfortable yet sophisticated image in a calming and subdued atmosphere, you need to pay attention to this living room interior. Based on a natural style, this Nordic-style interior focuses on the patterns and soft textures revealed by the light-toned wood floors. A floor made of plywood with a wood-patterned film attached to it creates an atmosphere similar to wood flooring, but has the advantage of being much cheaper. It is a space that maximizes pure natural beauty with a delicate wood pattern that makes it difficult to distinguish the difference from solid wood with the naked eye. The living room interior is finished with light tone wood flooring. With a softly engraved wood pattern flooring design in cream color that seems to melt, you can feel a sense of space that is gently scattered without focusing your eyes on any one place. This is a receptive flooring option that goes well with dark wood furniture as well as a unique mint-colored sofa. Take a look at the wood floor with a herringbone pattern with decorative effect. Based on a minimalist style with a concise design overall, it was an attempt to create a non-stimulating decorative effect by matching the herringbone-patterned floor interior. It maintains a line that does not conflict with the original minimal concept by keeping the tone bright and drawing the pattern lightly, but the effect of blowing away boredom in a simple space and drawing a clear expression is excellent. The floor interior has the same herringbone pattern, but depending on which color you choose, a very different image is often produced. If the herringbone pattern seen earlier was a design that spreads softly and creates a subtle decorative effect, the herringbone pattern in this living room is a key point to bring out the chic modern beauty of the dark-toned wood material. As the tone of each panel that completes the pattern deepens, the borders naturally become clearer, and the unique rhythmic image comes to life even more splendidly.

How to properly design your home curtains | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The details in the decor make a distinctive difference and need attention and coordination in a good and balanced way, and they are the basics of obtaining an elegant and beautiful home. Thanks to it, the entire space may turn into the opposite, so you have to learn well the basic rules before starting to implement the steps of its design, so today we will learn together how to design the curtains of our homes properly, we wish you an enjoyable read.

1. Choose the model used..

In the beginning, you have to determine the model used in the space you want to choose suitable curtains for, so that the step of choosing them will be very easy, for example, here is a design in the modern style with a Japanese flavor, so the designer resorted to such simple curtains, which left an impact within the soul in harmony between the elements of decor.

2. Choosing the right material.

Choosing the material used in the curtain design is one of the most important steps that makes a real difference in the design as a whole. The fabrics are diverse and the materials are different, but only the accuracy of the choice is what makes the harmony between the decor elements and its curtain.

One of the most important notes that must be taken into account is to use, for example, materials that are easy to clean in  children’s rooms , and other materials of rich value for reception, and a practical choice for the bathroom and kitchen ..

3. Harmony..

It is possible to use the same fabrics used in the furniture or pillows, which creates a wonderful harmony between the elements as a whole..

4. Choose the inscriptions..

But if you are going to choose a curtain with distinctive patterns, you should choose very carefully so as not to cause visual crowding, especially if there are other patterns in the design.

5. Curtains or long ones?

Before buying the curtains, note the area of ​​the room and the height of its ceiling. A small house with a low ceiling needs short curtains and without a cornice at the top so that the ceiling does not seem low. It must be left pulled down and pulled on the sides because connecting it to the sides of the window shortens the lines. If the ceilings are high, it is advisable to use the cornice. The wide one is at the top, because it reduces its length, but you should know that the exaggerated cornices did not remain as the latest decorative trends, but the general trend is characterized by simplicity.

6. Installation method..

The method of installation differs in terms of use, there is the fastener, which we do not need to move, and there is a ‘pocket curtains’ system, which is to make a special pocket for the rod at the top of each curtain and then push it directly inside it, or the most common method is by means of perfect rings that decorate the curtain and its choices are varied and you will need galvanized or painted pipes. .

7. Light curtains..

Soft light curtains, in their light color, add unparalleled elegance and a delicate touch to the design, while giving them the necessary privacy for the dining room, without affecting the lighting that can permeate through its light fabrics, and it is the perfect choice when strong lighting is needed in the room..

8. Heavy curtains..

As for heavy curtains, they remain elegant, beautiful and successful in their functional role for more privacy and complete isolation from the sun’s heat and rays when needed, and they are available in different types and designs to suit your own taste.

9. Using colors from the same palette.

Harmony and harmony need evidence, including to feel that the curtain is just an extension of the room, and an essential element that is not separate from the rest of the decor, and one of the most important ways to do this is to choose a color from the same design palette or use the same color and sometimes from the same material as well, to feel the harmony between each the details ..

10. Various colors..

Even if the color of the curtain differs from the design, the feeling remains that it is an extension and an essential element of the room with us, if the colors are chosen correctly and with a competent and expert eye..

Beautiful Color Combinations for the Bedroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

The bed is a place where we rest, read books, relax, to do chores, should be the most comfortable place. One way to make you feel comfortable, rooms can be designed with beautiful colors that soothe the eyes. What is the inspiration for an interesting color combination? We’ll see below. For those of you who like blue, you can see the inspiration for this one bedroom. The white walls are combined with various blue tones, such as dark blue, light blue, which are in harmony with the touch of wood and cloud details. So, no need to be afraid to play with colors, because it produces a fun bedroom! This eclectic style bedroom is embellished with deep colors, such as black combined with moss green. And it turns out that the mix and match of these two tones creates a quiet and stylish room. The beige color that brings softness, also creates a calm and warm impression. Interestingly, the beige color is easy to combine with other colors, such as white like this one bedroom. Want to present a room with natural shades of nature? You can choose green, which makes the room beautiful and cool. You can combine green with white, which will create a more neutral impression. Yellow can make you excited in the morning, you know. Yup, this bright color can indeed make the room more lively and cheerful. Oh yes, so as not to be too flashy, you can combine it with white or cream. Pastel colors do have a range that is very wide. But you can choose the pastel color that you like for the walls of the room, because this color will give a calming effect, shade and beautify the appearance of your room. Beautiful combination, right? The soft impression is still felt from pastel colors, and the brightness of the room is not lost thanks to the soft green paint. To make the bedroom more attractive, you can add soft bed sheets and minimalist decorations.

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