Interior Design Cost in Gurgaon

Interior Design Cost in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR

In Gurgaon, how much does interior design cost? In the event that you’re searching for an interior designer in Gurgaon. Depending on the designer and their cost structure, you’ll see that rates and services vary quite a bit.

Interior designers in Gurgaon use a variety of methods to determine their costs, whether they bill on an hourly or flat rate basis. Some impose a commission percentage on the total cost, while others take the scale of the job into account.

Whatever the case, knowing your options may be a smart place to start. It’s typical to think that interior design costs are easy to calculate in the age of DIY internet tutorials and 30-minute house shows, but the price of interior design is actually formed from a number of significant aspects in Gurgaon.

Check out this guide for information on the significant expense of an interior designer and how to choose the right one.


Without furnishings, the average cost of an Interior designer ranges from Rs 2, 00000 to Rs 9, 00000. Fortunately, money can be saved by using innovative options like online interior design services.

Beginning a project online can save money because it allows you to quickly and easily contact with experienced interior designers. Interior design has the benefit of allowing you to work on your own schedule and see how everything will appear before you buy it.

Even the standard interior design expenses have advantages in Gurgaon. The cost of interior design includes so much more than just choosing the right wall colour or accent pillows for your sofa. Professional interior designers’ duties include attempting to:

Whether you hire an interior designer in person or online, there are numerous advantages. Yet it’s crucial to be clear about actual costs if you want to determine if interior design is right for you in Gurgaon.

Before employing a conventional or online designer, it is a good idea to provide some basic information in order to estimate how much interior design will cost in Gurgaon.

Are you wanting to renovate your bathroom or redecorate your living room with fresh paint and furnishings? As there are various levels of complexity and experience necessary, it is essential to be clear and realistic about what are frequently taken on when attempting to reduce the cost of interior design in Gurgaon.

The cost of interior design will undoubtedly be influenced by the square footage of the area that needs design assistance. Instead of an apartment, designers will spend more time coming up with layout alternatives and sourcing furniture for a large home’s living room in Gurgaon.


Budgets allocated are what really drive projects. Prioritize your list of what is required and wanted for the area. This enables you to understand how much of your budget is allocated to each piece of décor in Gurgaon. Confirm there is a touch of flexibility for unexpected costs like repairs, shipping, or must-have pieces you’ve fallen for.

This is frequently, if not always, the only way to compensate interior designers in Gurgaon. The cost of hourly rates might range from Rs 350 to Rs 2500 or more. For modest jobs that only demand a little amount of your time to complete, this rate structure excels.

The price per hour takes into account the duration, trips to your place, shopping time, email or phone discussions, or other hours that aren’t directly spent on your area. Nevertheless, materials or furniture are not included in this. Depending on the level of experience of the interior designer you are working with, we can offer flat pricing packages for each room.


An interior designer in Gurgaon will provide a fixed rate quote for their services based on the scope of your project and your preferences. What would be covered by this cost would be expressly stated in the contract and designer quote, along with the percentage of updates that are permitted and, consequently, the contract’s expiration date (when the project are going to be completed).

Because it is simpler to estimate the work involved when there are no architectural requirements, interior designer fees are frequently supported by a flat rate system in Gurgaon.

The interior design fee for this option is based on a monthly payment schedule that has been agreed upon before the work begins. It’s crucial to have a clear contract outlining the requirements for the designer (services, communication, hours, etc.).

The cost of interior design is determined by the project’s square footage under this pricing structure. Interior Designer expert offers the following instance: An indoor design cost of Rs 96,000 will be charged for a 10,000 square foot property with 6,000 square feet of outside space and is being charged at Rs 16 per square foot. This type of structure is frequently utilised for commercial and hospitality projects because it can handle greater spaces.

Some Interior designers may charge you the retail price for your furniture, décor, and other supplies rather than charging you on an hourly basis and retaining the difference as their fee. Some supply charges and impose a markup fee as a gratuity (often 20%), keeping a portion of your overall furnishings.

In any case, it’s a good idea to insist on copies of the purchase receipts to confirm the amount paid. To ensure that it is inside your budget, it is also advisable to encourage estimated designer quotes during this process.

The cost of interior design can also be determined with a whole budget in mind (including constraints, materials, etc.). The interior designer’s charge is determined by multiplying this price structure by a given percentage in Gurgaon.

It’s OK to find both contemporary and rustic spaces appealing. But it will be difficult to communicate your wishes to your Interior designer, which could save time and money, if your Pinterest boards feature a variety of colour schemes and design elements in Gurgaon. Take tests about interior design styles to help you focus on your preferences.

Start with the current elements you want to maintain or use in your new design. This might help you communicate to your interior designer what fresh items need to be taken into account as well as how much money you have to spend. Knowing your needs will help you choose a suitable designer if you’re on a restricted budget. The price of an interior designer is typically less than that of an interior designer if your requirements are straightforward.

The right architect To find the interior designer who will work best for you, you must conduct some research on them by noting their professional credentials, training, years of experience, portfolio of work, and client testimonials in Gurgaon.

By letting someone else complete that, you can save time. Clients receive great design talents and knowledgeable experience from online interior designers that have undergone thorough screening.

The expense of your interior design won’t break the bank. The aforementioned advice as well as other articles about the usefulness of an interior designer, such as this one, will help you approach your interior design project with knowledge and readiness while keeping an eye on the associated costs in Gurgaon.

An interior that shows the harmony between the past and the present

The consumer’s preference for more pleasant and comfortable items appears to be the root of the present trend of outdated fashion. This new fashion, which neither completely abandons the old nor completely reinterprets it from a modern point of view, has established itself as a new trend that appeals to both older and younger generations. The essay today provides an interior that balances the ecological systems of the past and the present.

Newtro style

Instead of a simple and clean aesthetic like minimalism, the newtro style interiors, which was carefully planned with the help of interior designers and customers and is full of antique sensibility, produces a nostalgic and delightful environment like a vintage treasure trove.

Retro apartment living room

In order to achieve the retro aesthetic, a portion of the ceiling was exposed, and rail lighting and oblique lighting fixtures were installed in its place. The placement of a bookcase made of wooden slabs at the wall below the ceiling creates a unified but cutting-edge experience when taken as a whole.

Modern classic

This apartment has a fireplace in the living room and is decorated in a modern classic style rather than a newtro style, giving it a warm and upscale feel. Although the fireplace, which is the primary feature in modern homes, cannot actually start a fire, its lifestyles flood the house with heat and produce a wholly original interior impact.

High quality furniture

Let’s observe the vintage fixtures in a modern, uncomplicated white space. The tidy space seems to be filled with traditional beauty. Expensive fixtures that blend in with the interior’s current living space give the entire house a traditional colour.

What are the interior designer costs in Gurgaon?

There are numerous choices to be taken while planning the style of your home. A budget is one of the most crucial ones. Given all the expenses to consider, setting a budget for residential interior design can be fairly stressful. For your benefit, we are professionals at it.

Beautiful luxury homes have been created by Interior A to Z’s luxury home designers. They are knowledgeable with the intricate details of a luxury residential home’s interior design. From broad concepts like area footage and materials to finer points like finishing and design. In order to make an accessible reference to interior designer costs, we have condensed their experience and expertise. In this essay, we’ll walk you through the many budgetary considerations and Gurgaonn interior designer prices per square foot.

Here is a guide on interior designer costs per room in Gurgaon

Different Factors in Interior Designer Costs

Knowing a few broad statistics is helpful before we go into the details. The price range for luxury house designers is between 3 and 7 lakhs. It will differ based on the interiors chosen and the scope of the project. We have a helpful rule: The cost of interior design will typically be 10% to 15% of the price of the house. This percentage would be between 30% and 35% in larger homes, including villas.

Let’s look at the various aspects that determine the interior designer’s costs to better understand what you will be paying for if you hire one for your home.

Square Feet of the Rooms: For every square foot of the house’s rooms, an interior designer may charge anywhere from Rs. 50 to Rs. 500. Depending on the job being done in the space, this cost will rise. For instance, adding wardrobes to the bedroom, creating a modular kitchen or performing carpentry work would all increase the cost to Rs 2,000 or Rs 3,000 per square foot.

% of total cost: Once more, percentages are a useful instrument. A luxury house designer estimates the whole cost of the project, including all services and goods. They charge a design fee that ranges from 6 to 15% of the overall cost.

The interior designer adds a markup or premium to each product, the amount of which varies depending on the project.

Further costs exist in addition to the fundamental expenditures and are dependent on the specifics of the client’s wants.

Cost for the site visit: The first three or four site visits may be covered by the overall fee, but any more trips will likely cost around Rs 1500 each.

Cost for iteration: If you ask the designer to make many changes, every replacement will be billed after the third or fourth iteration.

Expense for the design alone: The interior designer will charge between Rs 20,000 and Rs 50,000 for placement of furniture and decor suggestions if you only want ideas and no actual service. The cost for a 3D rendering of the finished decor could range from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1 lakh or more.

Expense of site supervision: The interior designer will need to be paid if you want her to oversee the placement of furniture and other activities.

Luxury Interior Designer Costs for the Living Room

The largest unbroken space in a home is frequently the living room. After a long day at work, one can relax in this lounge. It is a sitting area used to host guests and family. It serves as a focal point for the home as a whole. Both aesthetically and functionally, it is a significant space. As a result, the expense of designing and furnishing it corresponds to that.

The furniture takes up the largest portion of the living room budget. Among other things, a living room requires sofas, chairs, side tables, coffee tables, and a console. The price of furniture will range from Rs 30,000 to Rs 2 lakhs, depending on the quality and number of the goods you buy. Lighting, including ambient lights, floor lamps, accent lights, table lamps, and chandeliers, is the next major purchase. They range from 15,000 to 85,000 rupees. The amount of lighting needed to illuminate a living room increases with its size. Find out more about lighting a space with high ceilings.

The decor of your living room may be the element that varies the most. Books, paintings, mirrors, and other items fall under this category. Curtains, carpets, rugs, and other textiles can all be grouped together under this. You might be moving in with things you already own, or you might be buying everything fresh. You might even be a creative person and decorate the area with your own works of art! According on our experience, decor typically costs between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 50,000.

An overall expenditure of Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 is required for a living room with modest furnishings and decor. If you increase the level of luxury, your budget can range from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

Luxury Interior Designer Costs for Bedrooms

Our bedrooms are the ultimate shelter in our homes—oases within oases. This can be done in any style you like—minimal, urban modern, bohemian, classic—there are countless possibilities. The good news is that bedrooms don’t necessarily need to be filled with stuff. Even the most basic bedrooms require a few things, such a wardrobe, a few nightstands and a comfy bed of course. It would also require at least a simple lighting setup. Such a bedroom’s design would cost between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 50,000.

The price would go up if the bedroom was more opulent. For instance, you may order unique ceilings, floors, panels, or bed frames to further personalize the space. The typical fee charged by an interior designer for a personalized bedroom ranges from Rs 35,000 to Rs 2 lakhs.

Luxury Interior Designer Costs for the Kitchen

Kitchens are relatively small spaces where a lot of money can be spent. Therefore, be ready. The costs for designing a luxury home are influenced by a few different factors. The quality of the interior materials comes first. Are the countertops constructed from granite, marble, or laminate? What types of tiles, glass, metal, and wood are you utilizing for the cabinets and cupboards? The second factor is the volume of plumbing and electrical work necessary. If it’s being renovated, how much of it needs to be made, altered, or improved?

Last, and perhaps most crucially, consider how customizable the kitchen is. Kitchens that are totally or partially modular will have specialized fixtures like built-in stoves, made-to-measure cabinets, and premium kitchen appliances. The price of such a kitchen will range from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakhs. Under Rs 1 lakh can buy a more basic kitchen.

A modular kitchen is nevertheless priceless. It is more cost-effective, space-saving, and orderly. Since it is composed of mobile and interchangeable components, it is also simpler to maintain and repair.

Luxury Interior Designer Costs for Bathrooms

The price will vary depending on the type and manufacturer of the tiles, showers, bathtubs, cupboards, and toilets. The price is further increased by additional bathroom fixtures like fans, lights, steam showers, and faucets. In addition to them, you must pay for plumbing and power services. Depending on your pick, it will cost you anywhere from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh or more.

Putting it all together: Interior designer costs for Luxury Homes

Several variables affect how many interior designers for each room in the house cost. With so many differences in each component of a home, it can be challenging to predict the total expenditure. There, we can support you!

Several opulent residential residences’ interiors have been created by Interior A to Z. everything in between, from modest urban apartments to opulent villas to beautiful townhouses. With a simple finish, the price of interior design for one-bedroom apartments can range from Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 3.5 Lakh. It can cost up to 5 lakhs if you want interiors with a high-end finish. The interior designer fees for a two-bedroom home range from Rs 3.5 Lakh to Rs 7 Lakh for basic quality. A luxury residence may cost anything from $75,000 to $105,000. The price variations are much greater for larger properties with three or more bedrooms. It primarily depends on the size of the

You have it now! Although hiring a luxury home designer in Gurgaon may seem expensive, there are numerous benefits that make it worthwhile. See more about how a high-end interior designer may make your house better! Or even better, give us a call and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have!

How does the interior design process start?

A telephone chat with one of the Partners kicks off the process. We talk about your project and schedule the first initial meeting either at our office in Gurgaon, or via video call. We will gain a deeper understanding of your needs during this discussion, and we’ll also walk you through a presentation of our systems and most recent efforts. Also, we will respond to all of your inquiries about planning, scheduling, finances, and project management.

I am not located in Gurgaon or in India. Can this process be managed remotely?

Absolutely. We are one of the top interior designers in India, and we have successfully completed numerous projects for clients all over the world and in India. The majority of the procedures continue to be carried out just as if your job were being completed locally in Gurgaon.

What if I don’t like the design? How many options do I get?

We start the design process by having a clear understanding of both your requirements and preferred style. The next step is a concept presentation, when we give you a look at three potential design ideas. If, in the improbable event, you are unhappy with any of the concepts we have presented to you, we will be pleased to work on more concepts without charging you extra.

Do I have to go to your office or you will come home?

The initial consultation would take place either in person or by video conferencing at our office. This would also apply to later gatherings.

How do you handle material selections?

Our staff will visit showrooms and make a shortlist of materials, such as tiles, textiles, veneers, laminates, paint colors, etc. based on the concepts that you have approved. After that, we’ll create a mood board for you to view in our office. It is also possible to arrange for a designer to accompany you on any vendor visits.

How do I know that I will like the final outcome?

Our thorough design process is organized such that the design takes shape gradually, allowing the notion to gradually take shape in your imagination. The 3D images of the interiors represent the pinnacle of the design process. Before on-site execution starts, this gives you a clear concept of what the ultimate result will look like.

How much will the renovation/interiors cost me?

While renovation costs might vary greatly, they primarily depend on two factors. The apartment’s current condition and your preferred style. The interior fit-out expenses would be significantly lower than for an apartment that is in bare shell condition if the flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, wall finishes and electrical are already present in the flat that you have purchased. Moreover, more expensive fashions typically cost more than simpler styles.

When will I get a costing for the project?

After the 3D views have been approved, you will get a full quotation if you choose Interior A to Z’s turnkey contracting solution. If you would rather hire your own contractor, we will give him all the designs, and he will create the project estimate.

How do you maintain a control on costs?

You receive a very full and detailed BOQ for all interior work as well as for the loose furniture pieces when you use our turnkey service. The price of the materials needed for the project will also be estimated. This estimate would then serve as a benchmark for our team’s material purchases and finish decisions. Before our team starts working on the site, you will be informed of any changes in the designs and their potential financial effects. Collectively, these techniques aid in ensuring that spending plans are generally followed.

How do the fees work?

Our fees are paid in one flat payment. The costs would vary according to the extent of the work, the size of the property, and the anticipated time commitments. After our initial encounter, we’ll be in a position to provide you with an estimate for the same.

Are there different payment options?

There are various payment methods accessible, and our accounts manager will be pleased to give you the appropriate direction.

Clever solutions for low-cost decor

People love to have their house full of distinctive and unique decorations, but the wrong understanding of decoration makes some believe that it always requires a large budget, which is not available to everyone at all times, so in today’s book of ideas we have collected 11 smart solutions and alternatives to distinctive low-cost, but decorations It will surely be a great aesthetic addition to your home.

1. Photo Gallery

You can set a group of distinguished photos of your family or even some of your favorite photos to decorate a solid wall devoid of aesthetic details. Choosing distinctive frames or using black and white photos will give the place its own personality.

2. The art of collage

With some cheerful pieces of fabric, you can revive an abandoned chair that you were thinking of getting rid of for its outdated design and colors. One of the current trends in furniture and upholstery is the use of collage art, the installation of more than one piece of different fabrics in the furniture upholstery, so that some companies are offering in Markets printed fabrics in the manner of collage.

3. Renew Textiles

A new bedspread or pillowcases in cheerful colors that harmonize with your home decor will surely catch the eye and add a new spirit to the place.

4. DIY

A good trick to add an innovative aesthetic touch to your home and at the same time express your personality and give it a unique character is to do some decor yourself, such as drawing on the walls or making some home accessories, and if the artistic side is not strong for you, you can just use some picture frames of different sizes to hang some distinctive textiles Or spare pieces of wallpaper or even a special photo from a magazine.. They are all simple things and will not cost you anything.

5. Shelves with innovative designs

Recently, shelves, storage and display units with innovative designs have become available in the market at more affordable prices than before. It is great that they are easy to install and available in a huge variety of designs and colors, so you are sure to find something that matches your decor among them. You can use these shelves in the kitchen to display some accessories, or in the living room or bedroom to display your favorite and beloved items.

6. Use the nature around you

Get some inspiration for your home décor from the nature around you, whether in the colors used or in some of the furniture. Here, for example, the designer used two tree trunks to be very distinctive coffee tables. The important thing is to choose elements that serve the style used in the decor.. This idea, for example, serves the rustic or simplistic and highly modern character.

7. Wall Stickers

Posters are tricks that have more advantages. They are cheap, easy to install and remove without leaving a trace. In addition, they can completely change the look of the place and increase its vitality. The important thing here is to choose posters in sizes that match the dimensions of the room and in colors that harmonize with the decorations of the place as a whole.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors are easy and smart solutions to increase the sense of spaciousness and radiance of the place, in addition to being available in very diverse sizes and designs. In the current model, the mirrors here were not the heroine of the scene, but the distinctive frame that made them a masterpiece in itself.

9. Distinctive vases

Some simple green touches have the effect of magic in adding vitality and freshness to the place, in addition to the fact that the plants are often inexpensive, so you can invest in acquiring pots and vases with distinctive designs that highlight the porter of flowers and plants to suit the home décor.

10. New light unit

Lighting is one of the decorative elements that has the ability to change the look of the place and your view of it. You can acquire a new side lighting unit to add more brightness and glow to the place. If the unit’s design is distinctive and innovative, it will be a masterpiece in itself far from its functional role.

11. Use your old stuff

Finally, you can use some of your old items as antique accessories, such as porcelain dishes and chinaware, an old frame you inherited from your grandmother, or even a metal bowl that can be used as a distinctive vase.


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