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Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious

If the house we live in is as big and spacious as we want it to be, we probably won’t waste a lot of time looking for ways to store and efficiently decorate a small room. Whether the size of the space given to us is fixed or the budget we can consume is limited, we are always frustrated when we want to transform our home. So, we focus our attention and affection on the living room or dining room , where we spend as much time as possible with family and friends, and  prepare a space where our own individuality is expressed naturally, while not investing much in the bathroom, where we stay for a relatively short time. Perhaps because of that, most bathrooms have a small size, and sometimes they save space by removing the bathtub and simply installing a shower booth.

Of course, there is a desire to decorate the bathroom with love like a bedroom or a kitchen, but it is easy to fold that mind with the small size of the bathroom. But instead of giving up just for a moment to stop feeling frustrated, how about making some changes to your bathroom now? With our meticulous interior design, even a narrow bathroom of limited size can be transformed into a visually spacious bathroom.

Wall color

Most of the walls in the bathroom are designed with white walls to give a visually clean and bright feeling, or sometimes they are decorated with luxurious marble. Of course, to give a point, the bathroom is decorated with cool blue tiles that give a refreshing feeling. However, let’s imagine that the interior of the house is all white in order to visually make the other spaces in the house smaller in size other than the bathroom. Then, although the white color has the visual effect of making the given space look wider, the pale, cold, and hard atmosphere and impression cannot be denied. As if in a hospital or office, the space loses its vitality.

So, isn’t there a way to revitalize a limited and small bathroom while at the same time giving it a wider sense of openness and space? As an answer to this question, we can talk about the interior using expansive colors. Expansion colors are colors that appear larger than they actually are, depending on the  color. These include warm colors such as yellow or orange, which are generally reminiscent of warmth, and colors with high brightness. Since these colors have the property of diffusing to the outside and have the effect of making them appear larger than they actually are, by designing our bathroom harmoniously with cream-colored tiles with high brightness as in the photo with dark brown color that gives a warm and stable feeling, even in the same area. You can have a visually spacious bathroom.

Mirror use

As an interior accessory with excellent visual effect that expands the space, mirrors cannot be left out. If our bathroom feels cramped due to its small space, as well as a dark bathroom where light is not properly dispersed, check whether a small mirror is installed just above the sink in the bathroom, a domestic company,  is placed close to one side of the wall as if it were a luxurious painting in a gallery. This wide-sized mirror diffuses the light in the bathroom to create a bright and bright bathroom, while at the same time reflecting the opposite wall reflected in the mirror, providing a sense of depth.

Floor tiles

Now that you have decided on the color of the walls, let’s move our attention to the floor of the bathroom. By applying the same white color as the wall color to the floor tiles as shown in the photo, we can create a clean and spacious bathroom by giving unity to the entire bathroom. In addition to this, we can also count the size of the tile as an important factor to have a visually larger bathroom. The bathroom, which is designed with small tiles like a mosaic, has a visual effect that makes the entire bathroom look as if it were a smooth ceramic surface, providing a feeling of spaciousness and openness. In addition, to avoid the monotonous atmosphere created by white tiles, use dark brown wood furniture as shown in the photo, or dress the furniture with tiles that have a wooden pattern even though they are tiles so that you can feel the unique softness of wood in the bathroom without worrying about moisture and moisture. It is also a good idea to give it to the bathroom. In this way, the two colors are gently blended to breathe life into the bathroom, and we can have a warm bathroom.


We briefly looked at dilation colors earlier. A warm color or a color with high brightness is an expansion color, and if you use it well, you can make our narrow bathroom look visually larger. However, no matter how carefully the color is selected and designed, it is difficult to expect the effect of the expansive color if the bathroom is dark without proper light. So, we can maximize the effect of expansive colors by bringing light into the bathroom that provides natural comfort and creates a warm atmosphere. In addition, when sunlight coming through the bathroom window shines on the pale white porcelain tile, the tile transforms into a soft, warm pastel yellow with natural light. It is a way to naturally secure a sense of open space in the bathroom without having to use inflatable colors.


As already said earlier. The biggest factor that makes a small bathroom smaller is inadequate lighting. Bright and bright lighting and lighting arranged in an appropriate location are the basis for forming a clean and comfortable bathroom, and are also an interior element that breathes a sense of spaciousness into a narrow space. In particular, lighting plays a more important role in bathrooms that do not have windows to let in sunlight. First of all, if there is a dull color lighting in our bathroom, it is better to immediately change it to a bright color. In addition, if there is only one light in the bathroom, it is possible to give a deep sense of space by additionally installing a small light in the corner of the bathroom as shown in the picture. Of course, if it is burdensome to install incidental lighting, we choose the method of dispersing the light through the aforementioned mirror, or by replacing the wall of the shower with glass to distribute the light to the corners of the narrow bathroom, visually creating a deep sense of space. You can have a bathroom that comes with it.

Small washbasin

The size of the sink is also one of the factors that visually determines the size of the bathroom. Imagine a sink that is about half the size of a bathtub in a small bathroom space. The large volume of the washbasin catches our attention first when entering the bathroom, and even takes away the breath of other spaces in the bathroom. The smaller the size of the space we are given, the more we need to empty it. Let’s give our bathroom the beauty of blank space that our ancestors emphasized in paintings in the past, we can create a bathroom that looks spacious by giving a small sink a modern color that reflects our taste to revitalize the space and give it a visual space.

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11 creative decorative wall designs that optimize space

If the walls of your house are all empty and white, it is better to think about the decoration. The final results will surely surprise you. But how to start? We have collected 11 kinds of decorative wall ideas and provided readers with a basic reference. Basically, these 11 kinds of decorative walls can be divided into the following four decorative directions.

First, choose a theme wall, usually sofa wall, TV wall, bedside wall, and focus on beautification.

  1. Combining decoration and practicality, such as vertical rack cabinets, integrate life into the design.

Three, a variety of building materials options, stone, brick, tile, wood, wallpaper and even glass are all elements you can try.

Fourth, think about the role of the decorative wall in the entire home, as the theme of the overall design style, or a new style that is transformed, escaped, and eye-catching. What do you want this wall to play in your home after it is completed character of?

1 Bar counter industrial style

With a gray plane as the base, mugs, coffee cups, and glasses are hung as natural decorations. There is a breath of life in the colorful, which naturally brings out the personality of the owner.

  1. Two-color stitching (contrast)

The contrast of cold icy gray, deep grass green, and two-color diagonal cut shows an elegant and noble modern atmosphere.

  1. Look at the color matching wall (soft)

This bedside wall also uses splicing color techniques, but it uses similar colors that are soft and comfortable.

  1. Irregular grid display

Iron parts, iron wires, exposed pipes, wooden frames and other objects draw interesting outlines on the wall like a paintbrush, which can not only store wine bottles, cups, plants and other objects, but also make the wall more lively and creative.

  1. Contrast impact of black and white

Pure white, decorative wall with slight lines, the designer uses hanging paintings, pendant black and white pendants and lamps to create a contrast of lines and colors, which is simple and durable.

  1. Interest structure

The wall itself has an irregular appearance, and the high-height space is more fashionable and unruly under the irregular blocks of black, white and gray.

  1. Noble Marbling

The marble material with snow white texture has always given people the impression of luxury and generosity. Different styles have different texture levels, which naturally presents a smooth, luxurious but not exaggerated atmosphere in the home.

  1. Cubist log decoration

Assemble and fabricate wood panels to create a decorative main wall with a sense of flowing lines. The gentle and generous earth temperament of the wood complements the jumping color of the blue-green sofa.

  1. European style tiles

Choose a small wall in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, inlaid with favorite tiles, whether it is the whole wall decoration or strip decoration, the complex and colorful carvings can create a beautiful scenery for the home.

  1. Wall inlaid display cabinet

In the transformation of the old house of the Chinese medicine clinic, the modern wall has built-in display cabinets, and the owner can place the collection at will. The overall design is neat and tidy, and each element can be smoothly placed in its place.

  1. Red Brick

Red brick is a common building material in Taiwan. It is simple and warm. It can be widely used as an element of industrial style and country style. This wall also uses grilles and lights to create a flowing mottle of light and shadow on the wall, making the shape more layered.

Among these 11 wall decoration ideas, which one do you like best? Interested readers may wish to take a look at the works of designers they like, and understand more about your most natural elements and styles.

Home garden interior design tips and concepts | Gurgaon | Gurugram


It is a misconception that you simply need tons of space to make an excellent garden. In fact, all you actually need may be a good set of ideas that you simply can implement. Flowers and plants add tons of beauty to each space you enter, big or small, inside or outside.

Small gardens are often daunting, but with the proper tips and tricks they will become a touch retreat for you to enjoy all year long. You likely need a nice place to take a seat on sunny days, so allocate some space and take a glance around some stylish garden furniture. Regardless of how small your garden is, we believe you’ll make something beautiful and functional there, so follow us for more inspiration.

Combine plants with art

If you’re a lover of art then be happy to bring this into your garden also, as this garden features a small pavilion with a mix of plant vases and Victorian art pieces; which adds a special elegance thereto small plant area. Also notice that the wall colors are according to the colors of the shelves and plant pots.

Create a picnic spot

You shouldn’t drive for hours in traffic just to require your kids out for a ride. Alternatively, you’ll create a little picnic spot in your own backyard and celebrate together with your relations. Check out those comfy pillows and therefore the surrounding violets that assist you calm and relax.

Add more moons to your garden’s sky

If you’re still creating your garden and expecting your plants to grow, rather than watching a barren space, you’ll add lights to embellish the space. Check out the lighting units hanging from the garden sky, which resemble the moon within the sky, it’s really an exquisite view that invites you to contemplate. A luminous wall up the background increases the sweetness of the garden and provides you a way of elegance and distinction.

Young bushes with cheerful colors

Large trees during a small space can make the whole garden appear smaller, while climbing plants and little shrubs can make your garden appear larger by providing more room which provides you freedom of movement to enjoy those stunning views.

Wall plants in classic style

Wall gardening tools are excellent thanks to add greenery to your home without taking over tons of space. These vintage faucet vases will take your garden decor to an entire new level. The designers here only painted the rear wall white, in order that the plants are a source of attention.

Corner garden

Corner gardens just like the one during this model can add greenery that you simply need and supply you with much room to feature seating, and this approach is compatible to backyard gardens that sometimes don’t need large spaces to implement.

A perfect combination of everything

This garden brings together all the weather you would like, from climbing plants and shrubs to a romantic dining space and bench. Also because the wooden walls that give the place a sense of heat and privacy. Designers here have placed a good mirror on the side wall to make a way of space.

Turn the driveway into an exquisite garden

If you do not have a separate garden space, you’ll convert the rear entrance of your home into a little garden, a bit like this home. It is a great concept will suit you if you’re a little homeowner and can also turn your backyard into a stunning green paradise. You’ll also add a little table with some chairs for dining or coffee together with your relations.

Add some flowering shelves

You can easily add shelves within the balcony then add vases of your favorite flowers. this concept is right for apartment owners who only have a balcony that’s the sole open space in it, so be happy to undertake it.

Stone wall plants

One of the only design and space saving methods for introducing greenery into your house is with the assistance of implementing lit hops pots on one among the walls. This innovative method enables you to grow your favorite plants without the necessity for a separate garden to enjoy the fresh air and delightful landscapes.

Simple and won’t cost you much

If you’re unsure whether you’ll stick with a totally mature garden, we recommend that you simply own this easy garden, which cannot need much care or maintenance from you; but it’ll provide you with a singular place to relax and luxuriate in the refreshing atmosphere outside your home.

Separate plant stand

A plant stand like this will brighten up any space with different patterns of plants; we recommend that you simply plant colorful flowers if you believe this concept to make a definite search for your home.

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