Tips for creating a distinctive decorative touch in your home

Tips for creating a distinctive decorative touch in your home | Gurgaon | Noida

You don’t need an excuse to give  your home  a boost of vibrancy and freshness! Even the prettiest interiors need a modern look and feel every now and then.

Breathing new life into your home also helps when it comes to welcoming the new season, giving you something to look forward to.

Today at home, we will walk through some easy and simple ways to update your interior design, your home will be transformed into the perfect hideaway of flair and relaxation!


Why buy a new and expensive chandelier if you can create your own! Use simple and five-point materials to create a stunning design, refreshing the home environment, this can be a fun DIY project for the whole family.

It is no coincidence that many people associate old and outdated homes with gloomy spaces. Well-lit rooms are becoming more and more prominent with modern designs, which is why a consistent commitment to both natural and artificial lighting is vital.

In terms of artificial lighting, there are many options to ensure a well-lit room. But wherever you start, be sure to use layered lighting for best results. This means combining various different fixtures (i.e. table lamp, floor lamp, wall sconces…) rather than just the overhead light.

By all means, replace those old ceiling fixtures with the modern masterpieces available on the market today. Of course this could mean hiring an electrician for the job.

Natural lighting

There’s just something about lots of glass. Think of a room that flaunts lots of clear glass and how it instantly becomes a contemporary space. It also makes the room feel more spacious, and the outdoors become an extension of the room.

But don’t think that there is no room on the walls for another or larger window your modern room can’t be absolute for more glass. How about a glass door or some skylights.

Modern furniture

Certainly the modern age goes hand-in-hand with decreasing space, and one of the ways we’re getting by with less space is by way of double furnishings.

Some prime examples include sofas that convert into beds, beds that can be hung on the wall, ottomans that convert into chairs or coffee tables (plus provide built-in storage compartments), desks that can be folded and neatly stowed, etc.


Curtains or blinds can totally enhance the environment, so keep an eye on your eyes, if they look unclean and worn clean or refurbish them, replace them every so often with a new, bright and elegant alternative. This is an easy way to create a modern environment.

Create an artistic touch on the wall

A wall is a great way to liven up the environment, giving it a boost of freshness. Colors are a simple way to add charm and beauty to a home.

No problem with carpets

Rugs are a functional way to revitalize an environment, in the winter months, this is cozy and warm, while in spring the colors and patterns can add style to the environment.

Simple decorative touch

While it is true that the less rule is more valid, it is also true that some carefully chosen accessories can make the atmosphere very pleasant, for example, a vase of flowers or a small plant can create a bright and elegant environment.

A touch of buffs

Add a coordinating ottoman for a touch of fun and relaxation on the environment. This can work for children and adults and create additional work space. Perfect for the living room!

Colorful pillows and fabrics

This simple solution can be implemented with a charming visual effect, choosing emblematic shapes and bright colors, adding pleasing textures to the home.

Tips for creating gardens in the corners of the house

Green nature is welcome everywhere, who among us does not prefer enjoying the scenery of gardens, and who of us does not make flowers and plants in a better psychological state! That is why we are always looking for innovative solutions and ideas to introduce green touches into our homes. Any place, whether large or small, can give green nature an unparalleled vitality and warmth. In this article, we will review 11 distinctive ideas for decorating small spaces with flowers and plants to inspire those who dream of creating a garden, but space is an obstacle to them, so get ready for ideas that will enhance your home decor with a touch full of beauty and vitality.

Tips for decorating a child’s bedroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The children’s room is an important thing to be given extra attention. So that our little ones feel comfortable in it, get used to sleeping alone, and the bedroom can be used until they are teenagers, you can decorate the room with some of the tips below.

1. Choose a wall paint with a neutral color

No time or want to save more money to not constantly repaint walls & change wallpaper, you can choose wall paint with timeless and neutral colors . Besides being able to be used until your child is older, and can be repainted every now and then to keep it fresh, neutral colors are also easy to add to a variety of colorful and decorative accessories.

No time or want to save more money to not constantly repaint walls & change wallpaper, you can choose wall paint with timeless and neutral colors . Besides being able to be used until your child is older, and can be repainted every now and then to keep it fresh, neutral colors are also easy to add to a variety of colorful and decorative accessories.

2. Storage area

To store various equipment, books, toys, and other equipment, cupboards, shelves, and shelves are important things in our children’s rooms. Not only does it make the room tidy, but these storage places can be used by teenagers to put various textbooks.

3. Choose multi-functional furniture

If you want a child’s room to be used as a teenager, you can decorate it with smart furniture, such as a bed with storage at the bottom, drawers that can be turned into a table, a seat that can be used as a table, and much more. Then you can decorate it with colorful rugs and other cute and decorative accessories.

4. Lighting in the children’s room

Various activities will be enjoyed in the child’s bedroom, from playing, sleeping, doing housework, to socializing with relatives. So it is very important if the room lighting is maximized.

For example, such as a study area, make sure there are table lamps for your child when doing homework or reading. Then install softer lights around the room, for a more relaxing activity.

And if possible, install a bedside lamp, so that the child becomes comfortable when resting.

5. Decorate with fun

Finally, you can decorate your child’s room with fun decorations, such as themed rooms, as well as decorations that your child likes. Congratulations on decorating your baby’s room! 🙂

Tips for Decorating Kitchens | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Tips for Decorating a Small Kitchen

Today, small houses have mushroomed everywhere. In addition to the increasingly limited land and cheaper prices, houses with small dimensions are also considered suitable for young families who spend more time working outside the home. Therefore, a precise strategy is needed to be able to get around a small space so that it can be used optimally, including the kitchen space.

The kitchen is the heart that supports the residents of every home. Therefore, the kitchen layout needs to be considered so that it can be used comfortably and produce quality food for the whole family.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t move around a lot. In fact, a small kitchen actually has several advantages. The utensils are easier to reach, so it doesn’t take long to cook. In addition, a small kitchen is also easier to clean because the area is not large.

1. Use an open kitchen concept

Eliminate the partition that separates the kitchen from the dining table and other rooms. The concept of an open kitchen can give the impression of relief and not stuffy. Just provide a small dining table to serve food. For dining chairs, choose a minimalist high chair so it doesn’t take up much space. Food can also be quickly served directly from the cook to the dining table.

2. Take advantage of the space for storage of kitchen items

Kitchens generally have a variety of furniture to be able to process various types of food. No need to worry, all the furniture can be stored by making the most of the space in the kitchen. Make storage cabinets at the top and bottom.

For some frequently used utensils such as knives, spoons, forks and spices, you can put them outside the cupboard in small containers that don’t take up much space.

3. Minimalist furniture

With a small kitchen space, it’s a good idea to adjust the size of the furniture to make it more effective. For example,  a minimalist dish rack , or a place to wash dishes, aka a mini sink, as in the illustration above. The number of kitchen furniture also needs to be minimized so that the kitchen does not look full. By choosing minimalist kitchen equipment, your small kitchen can be utilized more optimally.

4. Light color

Giving a light color to a narrow room can make the room seem wider. But often bright colors are avoided in the kitchen because they are considered easy to look dirty, considering that activities in the kitchen play a lot with spices and other food ingredients.

But don’t worry, this can be circumvented by giving other colors to areas that have the potential to be exposed to spices. For example on the kitchen table, as well as the wall near the stove. While in other parts such as storage cabinets, light colors can be used to give the impression of relief in a small kitchen.

5. Windows in the kitchen for lighting and ventilation

The existence of a window in a narrow kitchen can also help give the kitchen a broad impression. Because the sunlight from outside the window that enters will make the kitchen look brighter and more spacious. In fact, if the light from outside the window is bright enough for your small kitchen, then you can save electricity by not turning on the lights during the day.

Windows are also important in narrow kitchens to let the smoke out while cooking so that it can be replaced with fresh air from outside the window. Thus, air circulation in your small kitchen will be well maintained.

6. Good lighting

If it is not possible to make windows in  your small kitchen , get around your small kitchen by providing maximum lighting. Bright lighting also helps make your small kitchen seem more spacious.

In addition to installing bright lights, lighting can also be assisted by using furniture or kitchen furniture that can reflect light. Examples are ceramics, marble tables, and stainless kitchen furniture. To maintain good air circulation in a small kitchen without windows, install an exhaust fan or cooker hood, so that the smoke while cooking does not get trapped in your small kitchen.

Tips for designing a work triangle in your kitchen | Gurgaon and Gurugram

The kitchen is the heart of the house that beats warmth to the house, so paying attention to all its details is a necessity. The elements of comfort and accuracy in organizing and arranging the furniture inside it must be achieved because most of the time you will spend it inside it to prepare food for your family or friends, so today we will give you tips to know the work triangle inside The kitchen and how to arrange it.

Get to know the work area

In order for the kitchen to have a distinctive design, you must have a suitable space to work, this space is called the work area or the work triangle within the kitchen, the work triangle in short is a theory developed in the early forties at the College of Architecture in Illinois in the United States, which is the process of connecting the main points In the kitchen and how to move between them, there are three points, and that is why it is called the work triangle.

Work triangle

So what are the three points that make up the work triangle, those three points in short: the refrigerator, the kitchen sink and the stove?

Work triangle arrangement

To arrange the work triangle, follow three imaginary lines from the vertices of the triangle (refrigerator – sink – stove) and thus draw the work triangle.

Linear kitchen

There are multiple ways to plan and distribute the kitchen space according to the work triangle, but what if the kitchen is on one wall or the so-called parallel kitchen, this design prevents us from making a triangle shape, as there is not much space to use it better than being in the sink In the center area, refrigerator and stove on the right and left.

Fit the space

This triangle must have specific measurements and requirements in order to give good results in the movement, which is that the distance between any two main points in the triangle is not less than 1.2 meters and not more than 2.7 meters, that the perimeter of the triangle is _ (that is, the sum of the distances between each two points) Not less than 4 meters and not more than 7.9 meters, the movement triangle must not be within the area of ​​​​a main corridor inside the house.

Tips For Traditional Dining Chairs | Interior Designers in Gurgaon

There are two things to consider when choosing chairs for a traditional dining room. The firstis to match the wooden frame to the shade of the dining table, and the secondis to use throw pillows to soften the look and add comfort to the family area.

Tips For Traditional Dining Chairs

There are two things to consider when choosing chairs for a traditional dining room. The firstis to match the wooden frame to the shade of the dining table, and the secondis to use throw pillows to soften the look and add comfort to the family area.

Rugs: Defining Spaces

Placing a large, beautiful, light-colored rug under the dining table will make this room look more open. The dining table on the rug also helps define the room. The carpet not only catches crumbs but also aesthetically harmonises the design.

Casual Modern Dining Room in Blue

A jute rug with an oversized ikat print provides a lasting anchor in this on-trend dining room. The bullet pendantadds drama without being too serious.

Tailored Contemporary Master Bedroom

Comfort and refined style are the hallmarks of this bespoke double room. A four-poster bed sets the stage for a perfectly balanced space with bedside tables, table lamps, and throw pillows. The jute rug offers a soothing touch of texture while remaining consistent with the lustrous colour palette and aesthetic. Our main takeaway from this well-dressed room? Leaning toward symmetry is always a good idea.

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