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Attractive view of various rural divans

Villagers are very simple on the one hand and very hospitable on the other. They have no fabrication or texture at all, their happiness is visible on the arrival of the guests and they open their simple house for the guests with sadness and these simple  halls create a very good impression on the visitors. So let us take you to the simple but loving Diwans of the villages.

Spacious living room

Since the village houses are on land, they are quite spacious and spacious. It also has good seating facilities for guests. There are large comfortable sofas with cushions on the brown floor in which the rags are laid. In the middle is a large table, in which tea utensils can be placed for the convenience of the guests, along with some chairs and stools. A corner lamp also fills the space and provides adequate lighting when needed.

By the way, wide windows and doors are enough for light and air and even guests can spend many hours in it comfortably. Extra guests or their children’s meals can also be placed with a table by the window. The dining table is placed in the adjoining room and the dishes in the showcase are also decorated and some pictures are also painted on the walls. Take a simple country-style divan.

Decorated with a combination of beautiful colors

As we have said that the village halls are built on a large and spacious space, the companions try to decorate the furniture in such a way that it is pleasing to the eye. Sofas and cushions are made from a combination of white and coffee. Which make a good impression on the guest who comes with white walls and curtains. Place a wooden table in the middle and a couple of decorations in it. Most of the color of the floor is brown, so that it does not look dirty in harmony with the color of the soil.

The rest of the foam-wide stool-like backpack has been made more spacious for guests, as well as some decorative items that are perfect for the craftsman’s skilled hands and a mirror of the family’s tastes. ۔

Extensive consultation or extended family room

in which case the courtyard of the house is also included in the divan. Accordingly, more luggage is kept and they are kept in such a way that the eyes do not look bad and more guests can sit than the capacity or humility can be done for them in a good way.

This is also done at various events. A room decorated with white curtains can be made into a nice living room by decorating it with some pots or extra accessories and arranging some lighting.

Decorate a small living room

A middle class family is not so talented but since the guests are highly respected in the villages, the small space can be decorated with less equipment. Decorate a two-seater sofa with a slightly different color and place a cushion for comfort. Make two beautiful wooden roofs by expert hand on its roof or make the roof in the shape of a height and give it the same color as wood.

Plant beautiful plants in small pots on its open and airy windows. A long lamp should be placed in a corner of the room and an iron stand with a handi-style vase in which plastic flowers are placed and after some time they are washed, not only will these flowers look new, but a A small hall can also be of interest to guests.

Diwan Khana full of modernity

This Dewan Khana looks like an urban-rural confluence, its  architect has kept an eye on both sides, brightly colored sofas are showing the cheerfulness of the house, carpets are being spread and spruce furniture is showing a red color. An innovation has been created on the wall by painting it with stones. Decorating with small pots has a pleasant effect on the mood and decorating with different items is highlighting the beauty of the room. And the greenery and cool breeze from all sides remind us of a lush place.

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Elevating Spaces: Interior Designers in Sector 64, Gurgaon

Nestled in the heart of Gurgaon, Sector 64 is a vibrant canvas where urban living meets architectural innovation. Within this dynamic locale, a community of skilled interior designers is making waves, transforming spaces into personalized works of art. In this blog, let’s unravel the world of interior design in Sector 64, Gurgaon, and discover the visionaries who are shaping the aesthetic landscape of the city.

The Visionaries of Sector 64: Sector 64 is home to a collective of visionary interior designers, each contributing a unique touch to the city’s architectural tapestry. These designers are not just professionals; they are storytellers, weaving narratives of style, functionality, and individuality into every project they undertake.

Tailored Designs for Diverse Lifestyles: Understanding the diverse lifestyles of Sector 64 residents, interior designers excel in creating designs that mirror individuality. Whether it’s a sleek urban apartment, a traditional home, or a commercial space, these professionals skillfully blend style and functionality, curating living spaces that feel like personalized havens.

Innovation and Modern Elegance: Innovation is the hallmark of design in Sector 64. Interior designers here bring modern elegance to their projects, staying ahead of design trends with cutting-edge concepts. From contemporary minimalism to timeless classics, Sector 64 designers infuse each space with sophistication.

Client Collaboration and Transparent Communication: Collaboration is a cornerstone of the design process in Sector 64. Interior designers actively involve clients in the creative journey, valuing their input and ensuring transparent communication. Regular consultations and feedback sessions guarantee that the final design aligns seamlessly with the client’s vision.

Harmonizing Cultural Elements: Drawing inspiration from both local culture and global design trends, interior designers in Sector 64 skillfully harmonize cultural elements into their designs. Whether infusing traditional Indian motifs into contemporary settings or embracing international influences, these designers create spaces that resonate with cultural richness.

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Designs: Many interior designers in Sector 64 prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices. By incorporating environmentally conscious design elements, these professionals not only create visually stunning spaces but also contribute to a greener and healthier living environment.

In the heart of Gurgaon’s Sector 64, interior designers are not just crafting spaces; they are sculpting experiences. Whether you’re a resident looking to redefine your living space or a business owner envisioning a unique commercial ambiance, the interior designers in Sector 64 are poised to turn your dreams into tangible realities. Embrace the transformative power of design and embark on a journey to shape your living and working spaces in Sector 64, Gurgaon.

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