Interior design ideas for right home mirror

Interior design ideas for home mirrors

Designers use mirrors as a basic factor in home interior design and the use of a mirror does not depend on specific rooms, but can be used throughout the house, as it is like magic that changes any place in which it is placed for the better, provided it is used intelligently. 

The mirror is famous for being the place that reflects the image of the person, allowing him to see himself in detail, but the importance of the mirror does not depend on that, but rather it is a key factor in the decoration, designers use it to expand narrow spaces, show the lighting more, and it is also used as a beauty element in the place. 

Where to place the mirror

Before making a purchase decision, some factors must be determined on the basis of which the buying process is made, and on top of these factors are the place where the mirror will be placed, and the purpose of placing it in this place. 

For example: small or long spaces must use a large mirror that can cover an entire wall, or be placed in the middle of the wall, and many designers prefer that it be opposite the entrance to the room. 

Another example: If you decide to place a mirror in the bedroom, you should choose a long mirror to fully show your shape before leaving the room, while in the entrance to the house; a small mirror is placed, like the clear mirror in the picture, to take a final look at your face before leaving. 

Mirror fit to design pattern

What will determine the shape and size of the mirror is the style of the design of the room in which it is placed and its suitability for the furniture and decor of the room. If we take the existing design as an example, the designer has used the classic style in all the elements, so the mirrors were chosen in different sizes to cover the wall and the use of bronze metal frames of the same color of the frames Buffet that matches the colors of the entire room. 

Unconventional forms

Deviating from the text is sometimes required, but you have to be careful and not to exaggerate the renovation in proportion to the decor of the place, and it is important to focus on the quality and type of glass used in these mirrors and places in the room in order to increase the elegance of the room.

Choose the right tire

In the past, frames were widely spread in the classic style only, but now there are many shapes of frames that suit different styles of design, it is important to choose the right frame for the mirror and room, and you can also design your frame in different shapes and materials to suit you and suit your taste. 

The exploitation of lighting

Mirrors and lighting are friends in any design, and designers rely on mirrors to show lighting, focus on it and reflect it around the room. Can lighting be used to serve mirrors? 

Indeed, it is possible, and the best evidence is that design. The lighting around the mirror can be used in this way to increase visibility and allow details to appear deeper. This idea can be applied in different rooms, especially the bathroom and the bedroom.

Part of the design

Mirrors can add a decorative touch to the room, such as this mirror, this meticulously engraved frame made it an exquisite classic art painting, and it is important for the mirror to match the design style to complement the decor of the place like this mirror.

Care for mirrors

All the elements of the house must be preserved so that they last as long as possible, and regardless of the location of the mirror and its shape, it needs great care to keep it shiny and shiny all the time, no one will enjoy seeing a dirty mirror!

The best way to polish mirrors and get rid of dust is to use newspaper.

– A cotton cloth dampened with warm water can also be used to get rid of stains on the surface of the mirror before polishing it. 

Use polishing powders on the cloth rather than directly on the mirror. 

You can use shaving foam to clean and polish the mirror, a strange and new idea, but it is impressive in its results. 

– Polishing the mirror frames must be with different materials commensurate with the type of frame, whether wooden or metal so as not to be damaged.

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