Small living room TV ideas

Small living room TV ideas

Small living room TV ideas might seem niche, but let’s face it, TVs can be a little unsightly, and even more so in small spaces where they can completely take over.

To us, a gallery of cute living room TV ideas that prove the TV wasn’t the dominant feature makes perfect sense.

Because we wouldn’t want to do without binge-watching sessions on Sunday afternoons just to make our living rooms more aesthetic.

“Although most of us gather in the living room at the end of the day to kick back, relax and watch our favorite TV show, it’s important that the room doesn’t revolve around that,”.

“The best way to camouflage a TV is to invest in a framed version that acts as a work of art when not in use.

It can be used as a large work of art that blends unobtrusively into a scheme, or it can be incorporated into a gallery wall.

Best of all, the sleek design comes with a choice of black, white or wooden bezel options, so your TV will never look tacky again.


This cozy little living room is also part of the open space, so it makes sense to store the TV away for dinner or when guests are done, especially if you’ve opted for something gigantic like one of the best 85-inch TVs. The unit has a simple design with shelves on one side and a TV on the other, with a minimalist oak door sliding between them.


A very simple idea for a small TV for the living room is to simply paint the wall on which the TV is mounted a dark shade. A deep dark blue or velvety black blends the TV into the background so it doesn’t draw much attention. Distract him even more by adding shelving or built-in storage around the TV so you can add color, texture, and decoration.


Give a small living room a rustic, modern farmhouse vibe and hide the TV behind a barn door.

Preserved oak paneling has been used to create a cozy TV room, but you can opt for a more minimalist look with white doors, or a slightly rustic look with a wing tip.

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