Nature at home, green interior

Nature at home, green interior

Bringing nature into the interior is called Green Interior. Plants harmonize a space in any form and create a diverse atmosphere. The best way to feel nature in a house surrounded by cement and a densely packed apartment forest is to use flowers and plants. Flowers and plants are essential interior items for health. The green interior that conveys freshness to the body and mind makes the space as well as the people living in the house healthy. If more than one-tenth of the indoor space is filled with plants, it can be effective in purifying the air as well as controlling humidity, which is helpful in dry winter. In addition, the dark green color of houseplants lowers blood pressure and reduces respiration rate and muscle tension, creating a space where you can relax and relieve the fatigue of the day. In particular, the green plants beautifully placed around the window in the living room where the family spends the most time  can become an interior point that influences the atmosphere of the whole house. Let’s take a look at green interior tips to decorate a space with a healthy and colorful atmosphere using plants. 

Green interior for a cool and cozy bedroom

Plant pots play a big role in making a space harmonious and inducing various atmospheres depending on its type and size. A tall flowerpot was used to add a fresh and cozy feeling to the monotone bedroom, which was simply decorated with a bed and small accessories  . Tall houseplants in a glossy brown firewood are created to offset the cold feeling that a simple and modern interior can give, and shelves and ornaments emphasizing a wooden top plate add a cozy feel. 

Saving Dead Space

When it comes to decorating your home, usually corners are underutilized. If furniture and lighting are difficult to install, there aren’t many ideas to decorate. In that case, put a green plant in the dead space to give the space a lively expression. Tall, exotic-looking houseplants are placed in the corner space of the dining room, which is made of glass that is well lit, to add a rich atmosphere. The natural lines and colors of houseplants create a gap in the square space and breathe life into it, completing a healthy and cozy dining room where the whole family gathers.

Your own space decorated with green interior

Green flowerpots that suit your taste are grouped and displayed in a well-lit place, and armchairs are placed to create a quiet and cozy space where you can sit alone and meditate or look out the window. Green plants, which are effective in calming emotions and stabilizing emotions, are placed near a sunny window so that you can enjoy the healing effect. Lay down on a rocking chair and look at your favorite plants and enjoy the wide open scenery outside, and let’s have a relaxing time completely alone.

How to use a variety of firearms

Although it is common to plant plants using pots, you can decorate the space more stylishly by using plastic baskets or cans instead of pots. It is possible to create a unique interior by changing one flowerpot. The idea of ​​using canned Campbell’s soup as a firearm comes wittily when pop artist Andy Warhol mass-produced it on silkscreen and became a global star. Let’s decorate a stylish and contemporary space with canned Campbell soup, a representative symbol of mass-produced industrial products sublimated into art.

Mixing and matching different types of plants

If there is only one tall flowerpot, it can feel awkward and feel like playing separately from the space. Put different plants together on the table to give a sense of rhythm and breathe life into the space. In particular, you can use cactus, an item that is attracting attention in green interiors these days, to give it a unique and exotic feel. It is a sensual production in which plant pots of different types and sizes are interlocked in groups on a wooden table with a vintage feel, and the height of the pots is changed using a vintage tin case. By choosing a similar green color wallpaper, it gives unity and adds a sense of depth to the space, and adds a colorful feeling by decorating each flowerpot with a different material and style.

refreshing bathroom interior

In most cases, the bathroom is not in a direction that receives a lot of light, but it is better to grow plants that can grow well in a humid and poorly lit space, such as in the shade or semi-shade. In particular, the fern type is easy to grow. The idea of ​​installing a buried shelf at the bedside of the bathtub, which is accented with a wooden floor and walls, and placing flowerpots layer by layer, is a standout idea for plants to grow naturally. The layout of the buried shelf is surrounded by a white frame as if it were a work of art hanging on it, creatively. It is a bathroom with a harmonious interior that uses white color and the natural color of wood as the overall color tone and adds a fresh green color. Recessed lighting was placed on the ceiling just above the white frame created with plants, and decorative candles were placed along with the bathtub to complete a subtle yet romantic atmosphere. 

Green interior using plant photos

You can create a witty green interior by directing plants with photos or sculptures. By using tall white colored sculptures instead of earthenware, the production of plants as if they were grown from artificial trees is like an artist’s work. A black-and-white photo of nature was placed next to the sculpture, and the real thing and the photo image were contrasted to give visual fun. By arranging objects side by side, a table and ornaments were used to add a colorful feeling to the composition that could be boring. The interior is inspired by plants while using real plants, and a modern and sensual atmosphere is created through an interesting composition.

bedroom interior for a good night’s sleep

The bedroom needs flowers and plants for rest and a good night’s sleep. For a good night’s sleep, plants of white or pastel shades such as mist flowers, lavender, and statis are good. A flower in a small vase on the bedside table can bring peace of mind and sleep. It is also a good idea to complement the space with a flower painting or photo on the wall space by the bedside. The sensuous painting reminiscent of lakes, trees, and flowers enhances the individuality of the space, and the soft and cozy bed and small flower decorations add a cozy feeling, creating a harmonious space.

Plant production using objects

Let’s create a modern yet sensual interior by putting air plant, a plant that takes in nutrients from moisture and dust in the air without watering, and cactus that grow well in harsh environments in glass decorations and placing them on shelves in the study or living room. The plants reflected in the glass and black metal frame function as a unique ornament on their own, and can be decorated with photos or books to add a sense of elegance. 

Nordic style green interior

Let’s style the plant in the Scandinavian style that is trending these days. It is a directing that gives points by placing flowerpots one by one by using wooden stool chairs at different heights. A sensual blue-colored firearm was used for eucalyptus, and a basket with an unusual texture was used as a firearm for cactus to create a popping atmosphere. Mixing and matching with empty vases or ornaments when arranging flowerpots in groups is an interior tip that can create a different space. On the floor, a warm Nordic style rug is laid, which goes well with the wooden frame, while adding a colorful atmosphere to the stylish production is impressive.

small plants in the kitchen

By making small changes to the kitchen hanger that is commonly used in the kitchen, the face of the kitchen can look different. Just like in the photo, hanging a small flowerpot next to the cooking tools will make the kitchen space brightly shiny. You can use a kitchen hanger to group several flowerpots together, or you can create a cozy and healthy kitchen by hanging only one as a point next to the cooking utensils.

Green interior that completes the greenhouse

It is a greenhouse designed as a space where nature and people can coexist in one space. It is a good place to gather and talk with family or guests, so let’s create a dining table with plants. In particular, the pretty flowers placed on the dining table serve to stimulate the appetite. Plants that stimulate the appetite are effective on the table. Take time to heal your mind and body surrounded by flowers and plants. 


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