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How to create the perfect terrace? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

There is nothing more than enjoying your family and friends when the sun warms the country with its gentle rays. Barbecue, beer or wine, even the swimming pool in summer and, finally, the outside area of ​​your house. Whether it is to relax or to create memories, your patio or patio is probably one of the most popular places in your home during the summer period.

Real estate and renovation experts agree that a well-designed patio or deck is a cost effective way to increase the value of your property. Specialized studies have found that exterior additions can in many cases have more of an impact on a home’s value than interior projects. Good patio design therefore goes beyond simple construction.

Don’t be overwhelmed by size or cost: consider functionality, durability, privacy and of course safety first. If you plan to build a wooden deck or patio, or just renovate the old one, consult a contractor, carpenter, or hire a landscaper.

Coating: a wooden terrace?

Wooden terraces are very popular and today compete with those made of concrete, paving stones or tiles. Why? Essentially for the ease of installation which, if you are a bit of a handyman, can be done from A to Z without the intervention of a professional, in particular because they are on sale as a kit, ready to be installed.

What types of wood to choose?

Each type of wood has advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore necessary to choose well before building a terrace:

Terrace in teak or exotic wood to obtain a high-end and design result.

Treated pine terrace to have a natural wood terrace with an average budget.

Composite wood terrace to have a perfect imitation of a noble wood terrace with a low budget. No particular maintenance necessary and solidity of the terrace guaranteed.

The average price of a wooden deck

The complexity of the work, the quality and the essence of the wood has an impact on the cost price of a wooden terrace. If you want to install a first-price wooden terrace, you have to plan a budget of 1000 €. For good quality wooden terraces, the work budget doubles and easily reaches 20000 Rupees. Finally, the average price of an excellent quality wooden terrace is 50,000 Rupees.

To help you estimate the cost of your work, know that the average price of a wooden terrace is Rs 20,500 excluding tax.

Coating: a concrete terrace?

The concrete terrace, in our beautiful country, is a great success, thanks to several advantages, such as its ease and speed in construction, but also its economic side. However, the prices vary greatly, in particular depending on the type of concrete used. There are traditionally two types, classic concrete, and decorative concrete.

Classic concrete:  Standard industrial concrete is the material most used for this type of work. Despite its very classic and non-decorative appearance, raw concrete has many qualities: easy to make, to pour and above all, but above all, it’s very attractive price.

Decorative concrete: colored concrete:  A colored concrete is obtained by mixing paint, stain or stain in the preparation of the concrete. The main difficulty is the dosage of pigments.

Decorative concrete: sanded concrete:  Special sand is sprayed with a sanding machine on the concrete terrace to create a non-slip layer. The color obtained depends on the sand used but the original color of the concrete terrace can be preserved.

Decorative concrete: printed concrete: Printed concrete consists of printing on your slab a visual imitating the appearance of slabs, bricks, wood, etc. with a wide choice of colors. The maintenance of a printed concrete terrace is simple and above all, this slab is very resistant. It is therefore one of the most expensive, starting at Rs 1000 per m².

Decorative concrete:  smooth concrete: Smooth concrete is very aesthetic because the coating is sanded to have a completely smooth concrete terrace. This style is perfect for a modern patio.

Decorative concrete: swept concrete: Swept concrete consists of sweeping the concrete just after pouring it to create streaks on the surface of the platform. This is one of the simplest techniques, which is therefore worth between RS 400 and Rs 500 per m².

How to create the perfect terrace? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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