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Charming Home Lighting Decoration | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Charming Home Lighting Decoration

Lamps not only function as lighting, but can also be used as decorations to beautify the house. The selection of lights that match the style of the house will have a significant effect on a room. Want to create a different atmosphere in your home? Here are 11 lighting decorating ideas from our decorators that you can copy.


1. Ceiling Decoration

The use of lamps that can emit light throughout the ceiling creates a different atmosphere.

2. Window on the Roof

Sunlight from the window made above can be a source of light as well as liven up the room.

3. Dining Table Decoration

The placement of the chandelier is not only a source of lighting, but also makes the dining table more beautiful.

4. Wall Lamps

The entrance area of ​​the house becomes more beautiful and alive with the placement of several lamp containers in various models.

5. Charming Details

Spotlights on several areas, such as plants, floors, and lanterns, create a charming terrace.

6. Convenient Home Access

Light at the entrance is very important to create a bright and comfortable home access.

7. Light on the Stairs

The installation of lights on each step and the side walls of the stairs gives an unforgettable dramatic impression.

8. Room Decoration

This room is a good example of the use of lights that serve as room decorations and create beauty.

9. Changing Room Light

The use of decorative lights can make the dressing room more lively and look comfortable.

10. Children’s Room Description

The use of lights on the ceiling serves as the main lighting element , while the lights around the room further enhance the room area.

11. Enchanting Swimming Pool

Applying lighting to the pool and patio area or around the garden, creates a charming exterior.


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