What is Epoxy? What are the Properties of Epoxy Material?

What is Epoxy? What are the Properties of Epoxy Material?

We’ve all heard of epoxy coatings being used in many areas.

an epoxy resin; It is a highly preferred product as it is durable and long lasting, producing a vibrant high gloss finish that adheres perfectly to the surface used.

To explain further, it is a microplastics material obtained by cross linking epoxy resin, epoxy resin and hardener.

Thermoses have high adhesion, mechanical strength, chemical resistance and heat resistance.

What is epoxy resin used for?

What is epoxy resin used for?

What is epoxy floor?

Is epoxy resin waterproof?

We will answer these questions today in our material.

What is Epoxy Used For?

Now that we have answered the question of what is epoxy resin, we can focus on the areas where epoxy resin is used because of its properties.

Epoxy resin, a material that has a very hard structure after drying and perfectly adheres to many different surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, wood, is suitable for use in many different industries due to its high mechanical, chemical and water resistance properties.

Durability, corrosion and heat resistance.

Widely used in the aerospace and marine sectors, epoxies are also the material of choice in the construction industry.

Many users are investigating epoxy applications at home, in the workplace, or in large-scale industrial applications.

What is epoxy resin used for?Epoxy resin has a wide range of applications.

Epoxy materials can be used in many places, from the kitchen table in our house, floors in bathrooms, toilets, parquet floors in our living room, floor and wall paints, e.g. B.

in hospitals and schools.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy materials are used as flooring material as well as paint, surface coating material, concrete structure repair and steel reinforcement adhesive.

Due to its high adhesion, durable structure and resistance to mechanical and chemical attack, epoxy resin can also be used for floors in factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, parking lots, hospitals, schools and offices.

epoxy resin with high mechanical resistance; Aside from the powerful properties such as chemical resistance, durability and scratch resistance, the paint range appeals to a wide range of users as it creates a bright and vibrant look on the applied surface.

high performance epoxy floor coatings require good processing to achieve final product properties after curing.

In addition to the quality of the material, epoxy coating requires professional work.So how do you make an epoxy floor?

We answer this question in the next topic.

How to Apply Epoxy Floor Coating

You already know the answer to the question of what epoxy resin is.

So that epoxy resin can serve the user for a long time without any loss of quality, it must also be used professionally.

Poor production means that this high-quality material loses its properties.

In general, to answer the question of how to apply an epoxy floor coating or how to make an epoxy floor, it must first be said that the substrate must be well prepared.

After getting a clean and solid surface, the first primer is applied.The product is selected based on the desired performance parameters of the last layer.

Epoxy Floor Coating should be applied with the appropriate equipment after selecting the appropriate material according to the answers to the questions where the user will be applying the epoxy coating, whether the surface will be exposed to water, whether it will be used indoors or outdoors and when sealing is required.

Is Epoxy Waterproof?

Waterproofing is essential for construction.

Building waterproofing is a system that cannot be created with a single product, but in which many different products combine and harmonize with each other.

If a single component of this system is not intact, inoperable, or integrated into the system, the entire sealing system fails and the building begins to deteriorate.

Therefore, we can answer the question of whether epoxy resin is waterproof as follows: In order to ensure a good seal, epoxy materials must work in an integrated manner with other sealing materials.

For example, if an epoxy material is to be used to coat the floor, the floor’s impregnation must be supplemented with another impregnation system such as bitumen, cement, etc.

before applying the coating.Or chemical epoxy resin anchoring materials are used to join metal structures.

Prior to using these epoxy based materials, metal parts must be bonded to cement based surfaces supplemented with good sealants.

Because epoxy provides a strong bond, it is particularly preferred for bonding structural expansion joints to sub floors.

Again, for a long-lasting epoxy seal, the surface must be properly prepared.

Prior to this application, cracks, fissures and surface imperfections are repaired with an epoxy based repair and repair paste.

As you can see, epoxy resin has a wide range of applications in the construction industry due to its high performance properties.

In addition to high-performance products for a good hold, professional use is also required.

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