Unused places in your house

Living in an apartment often needs to take advantage of all the available spaces to not feel cramped, so there are many smart solutions that you can implement in your small home and you will definitely feel a big difference while not giving up on practicality, efficiency and good design. Here are some ideas to take advantage of some wasted space in your home. 

1- room dividers

The first of these examples is the erection of a dividing wall that serves as a storage space at the same time. This trick works really well when you need to separate two rooms so there is a perfect opportunity to add cabinets and shelves so don’t miss it!

2- side of the ladder

The area next to the staircase is often a difficult design to deal with, as most people leave it empty and do not take advantage of that wasted space. In this design, we find a smart solution, which is to put open shelves with a screen inside to be part of the living room and contribute to the expansion of the place instead of placing an entire library.

3- The corners of the rooms

In this room, the designers faced the problem of the small space of the room with the inability to place cupboards and cupboards, so the solution was to exploit the corners of the room. As you can see it was an amazing solution that gave a new dimension to the room’s design and provided plenty of storage space without adding a cramped feeling to the room.

4- down the stairs

The area under the stairs is often overlooked even though it can be a perfect storage solution! In this design, it was used as a wardrobe for clothes with an elegant design and added spaciousness to the room instead of having a full wardrobe on another side of the room.

5- bunk beds

An ideal solution for small rooms is to create a bunk bed, not only because it provides sleeping space for two people where one person can make use of the horizontal space but also because the space can be used next to and below to house cupboards, cupboards and possibly study desks as well.

6- Thin longitudinal space

Is your bathroom space small and you can hardly fit a sink and toilet in it? If you have a very small space like this, then the designers have come up with the perfect solution: to place the bathtub in a very slim space. And they didn’t forget the mirrors, of course, which increase the space in your eyes somewhat.

7- Above the bed

The space above the bed is often empty and not used at all, although it is ideal for storage in a practical and well-designed way. In this picture, you will find some cabinets that can be used to place bedding, towels, and other household items.

8- The horizontal space in your kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most cluttered places if they are not well designed and help you get organized. That’s why we always recommend using the horizontal space in placing as many cabinets as possible and arranging them from the inside well using space-saving drawers, accessories and shelves so that your kitchen is always free of clutter.

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