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Interior Designer Sector in 10 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Ideas to help you furnish your home with little money

The process of furnishing the house is not an easy process that may lapse in a day or two, but it is a difficult process and requires a lot of organization, arrangement and thinking to reach the appropriate design in terms of form and composition as well as cost, with the constant and continuous rise in prices, the idea of ​​changing furniture from time to time has become a difficult idea ; Therefore, many seek to choose elegant, practical and cost-effective furniture at the same time so that it does not bear the burden of change, renovation and maintenance after a short period of time from the time of its purchase, so we will help you in that report with some ideas that help you furnish your home in a beautiful and organized manner without the need for a lot of money.

1- Make a list of the essentials

The idea of ​​preparing a list of important and necessary pieces of furniture at home is a very beautiful and effective idea, and it is easy to implement when the house is completely empty so that priorities are determined one by one and know what can be dispensed with, and the furniture that will be purchased is arranged according to its importance and need, the This helps to save a lot of money and not waste it on buying unnecessary things, as well as saving space inside the house.

2- Don’t forget what you already have

If you already have furniture in the house or you have moved from house to house and have some old pieces of furniture; You may need to buy some pieces and other supplies, but in order to avoid the idea of ​​buying some supplies randomly or that do not fit with the rest of the other pieces of furniture, you should make a list of the items you already have and the items to be purchased, taking into account the empty spaces in the house that will be filled with those pieces The new, as well as the decorations in the old furniture, and the choice of decorations and colors that go with each other.

3- Create a kind of balance

The ability to create a kind of balance between the pieces of furniture in the whole house, as well as its decorations and colors, the size of the room and its cost are all elements that must be carefully considered to achieve a balance between these elements each other. Furniture pieces of appropriate sizes for the space of the house or room must be chosen, taking into account the selection of colors and decorations that They are in line with each other and choose the appropriate cost at the same time without the need to choose expensive costs and stay away from strange decorations or abnormal colors to make all corners of the house harmonize with each other to form a beautiful and simple art painting at the same time.

4- Choosing multi-use furniture

The idea of ​​choosing practical, multi-use furniture is a beautiful and practical idea that saves a lot of money and space at the same time, so many homeowners with small spaces or who prefer to use built-in pieces of furniture or as some call it multi-use in order to enjoy the empty spaces that create an atmosphere of Comfort indoors and save a lot of money.

5- Use of curtains and carpets

The use of curtains and carpets is one of the simplest elements that help greatly in controlling the shape of the room and showing it with a beautiful, elegant and simple appearance and at a low cost at the same time. No room inside the house is devoid of carpets or curtains, as they are able to create a soft and distinctive decorative touch inside the place. Control the shape and atmosphere of the room through some simple and inexpensive changes by changing the carpets and curtains to make the room appear completely different and distinct from the above.

6- Recycle old furniture

Due to the tendency of design and decor experts to simplicity in all designs inside every corner of the house, the idea of ​​recycling old pieces of furniture through some simple decorative touches such as changing their color or giving them some simple touches is an amazing idea to save a lot of money and also enables us to Make use of old things as much as possible and give you the opportunity to design every corner of your home yourself without the need for the help of decorating and fashion experts.

At what age does a baby have a boy’s room? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

We have already talked about baby rooms or nurseries here, but this is the first time that our attention has turned completely to boys’ rooms. But after all what distinguishes a bedroom for female or male? Should there be that much difference? In both rooms, whether single, double, girl or boy, all must comply with the following rules so that they are comfortable and ergonomically satisfactory.At what age does a baby have a boy's room? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi


At what age does a baby have a boy’s room?

In fact, many parents choose to decorate their child’s room according to their gender, as soon as they have confirmation of it. Of course, in a nursery room the options are always aimed at the most neutral and soft tones and there are no big and showy decorations. Following the baby’s growth, the room must also evolve and adapt to the owner. This is the only way to satisfy the precise needs for each age group. We can even say that a room is never finished, but always in the process of adaptation.

Now look, a human being as a baby needs a crib and a diaper changer; a little older the bed will be different and a world of play is the only priority; then a desk for studies and less play; such a desk increases in size just like the bed, until one day the bed is no longer single because it prefers the larger ones and then ends up in a folding bed and in need of more care as it was needed as a baby. As life progresses, so the fourth ideal must evolve. So and answering our question, there is no set age for your baby to have a boy’s room – make the change when you feel that the current room no longer meets the needs.

What characteristics can denounce a boy’s room?

Boy’s room will always be associated with shades such as blue, green, gray or yellow. Girls’ rooms won’t stray from pink, lilac and yellow. A boy’s room is usually more “clean” in decoration and details. While a girls’ room is full of delicate and loving details, a boys’ room is more practical and functional. Walls in a single tone and furniture with modern lines are the most used for a scenario that wants to be masculine.

What colors or styles should you apply in a boy’s room?

We have already mentioned some colors that we all associate with the male world, but if you want a room that is really low maintenance and that looks modern and beautiful, the colors to bet are: shades of white, beige and grey.

As for the style, it depends a lot on your personal taste. Initially, it will be the mother and father who will choose everything for the child, from the clothes to the decoration of the room. Later, if you feel like it, you can pay more attention to your child’s attitudes and change your room according to your personal taste.

What is the most suitable decoration for boys’ rooms?

The options are more than endless and the solutions are more than appetizing and enticing. Your choice should not be faulty or excessive, but rather be a happy medium where “the boy” feels good and where parents and friends can also socialize if necessary.

In addition to the bed, there is no shortage of storage space, not only for clothes and shoes, but also lots of toys and souvenirs. The more storage spaces there are, the more organized and clean the space will be. A desk and a comfortable chair for studying and, without a doubt, betting on good lighting. Unfortunately, the lighting theme is often put to the background and both natural and artificial lighting is one of the most important aspects of an interior project.

After everything is tidy and organized and in good light, start decorating. Boys’ rooms lend themselves to posters and world maps, stickers and themes such as jungle, forest, cars, sports, pirates, etc.

Who to contact to redecorate or decorate a boy’s room?

In addition to an endless number of images full of inspiration, Interior A to Z also provides you with an easier search of professionals, by specialty and even by location. For that, you just have to go to our website, select the “professionals” option and then the specialty you are looking for and then the city where the project is located.

You will have access to the best and most qualified professionals and you can also have the option to buy furniture and decoration online, here.

At what age does a baby have a boy’s room? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

Kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR| Best Interior Designer

Construction, renovation, repair, design, layout for kitchen, kitchen

  1. How to make the kitchen, kitchen suitable
  2. Process & cost of kitchen construction, kitchen furniture procurement
  3. How to clean the kitchen; keep the kitchen clean and durable for a long time

How to make the kitchen, the kitchen suitable?


Information about the host (year of birth, gender) Direction: compass, battalion map depends on the host to determine the good direction, bad direction about the size: ban whole size, how to apply will be introduced.

1. the door to the kitchen looks in a good direction, welcoming vitality

The kitchen is considered as the source of energy for the whole family, the direction of the kitchen door from other rooms should look in a good direction, suitable for the homeowner to welcome new guests. Positive thing. Besides, the kitchen door should avoid facing the bedroom door because fire will make it difficult to sleep, avoid facing the bathroom door because bad gas from the bathroom can affect the kitchen. To decide on the measurement of the kitchen door opening, including width x height, I applied the Lu Ban Ruler 52.2cm and chose good measurements.

2. Put the kitchen in the good direction, with the back in the bad direction.

The kitchen is an extremely important object, affecting the vitality and energy of the entire family. The direction of the kitchen must satisfy all three of the following criteria. Firstly, the mouth of the kitchen, where the firewood is put in or the stove is turned on/off, must not be against the direction of the house.

Second, the kitchen mouth must look in a good direction on the bowl to attract good things for the family. Third, the back of the stove, where the wall rests, needs to look in the bad direction on the bowl to burn things that are not satisfactory. The kitchen is usually purchased from the manufacturer, so the measurement is applied to the kitchen shelf, including length x width x height, using a 42.9cm.

3. The refrigerator looks in a good direction, away from the kitchen

The refrigerator plays the role of an energy store for the family, so it also needs to be welcomed from good directions. However, because the refrigerator has a fire resistance, it is necessary to avoid placing it next to or opposite the stove, preferably a distance away from the stove or at the L-side other than the edge of the stove.

4. The sink looks in the bad direction, away from the kitchen

Conceived as a place to get rid of bad luck, the sink should look in the bad direction according to the bowl. Besides, because water is incompatible with fire, the sink should also be avoided next to or opposite the stove, similar to the refrigerator. A small note when using is to keep the wash basin clean and airy, clean up immediately after use. Avoiding piled up dishes will not clean and accumulate air is not good for the whole kitchen.

5. Compact space with kitchen cabinets

Due to the habit of cooking, most India’s kitchens store a lot of items and ingredients in any free space in the kitchen. However, this habit will create many nooks and crannies that gather dust, moisture, insects, and bad influence. The simplest solution is to store all items and ingredients in the kitchen cabinets, taking advantage of the space above and below the kitchen, along the walls.

Small note: The best natural light for the kitchen is early sunshine.

In addition, if your kitchen can receive natural light, there is nothing like it, especially the early morning sun before 12 noon. Early sunshine will help keep the kitchen dry and more hygienic when cooking. However, if you catch the sun after 12 noon, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight on the cooking area by adding curtains to the door/window.

Preliminary design of the site, application for construction permit, detailed design of technical drawings, application for construction permit, signing of a construction contract, on the selected date, he also broke ground and started construction. Construction, until completion of handing over the house, moving things into use

Construction unit:

Provide an estimate, an estimate clearly stating the origin, detailed code of all the materials used for your house attached to the construction contract, based on the description of the materials used. Using this application, you can increase or decrease the type of materials to suit your needs and construction investment costs. How to clean the kitchen; keep the kitchen clean and durable

Cleaning the kitchen

No matter how beautifully designed your kitchen is, after a period of use, the kitchen is also easily degraded due to stains from cooking work. Steps to clean the kitchen:

  1. Clean the refrigerator and kitchen cabinet system
  2. Clean the kitchen
  3. Clean the stove top
  4. Clean the sink
  5. Clean without chemicals: Do you know your kitchen can completely be cleaned without chemical products? With lemon, baking soda or vinegar, ingredients available in the kitchen, you can completely clean your kitchen. Lemon can remove stains, baking soda helps to deodorize and vinegar has the ability to kill bacteria.

Keeping the kitchen long-lasting Kitchen

Furniture has a very high density of use, but not everyone knows how to preserve difficult materials in the kitchen. Due to the high temperature from the kitchen along with the high ability to absorb water, kitchen furniture has special ways to preserve each material. Here are 5 commonly found materials in the kitchen and how to preserve and clean stains that housewives cannot ignore so that kitchen furniture has the longest life.

  1. Laminate-coated kitchen cabinets: When the kitchen cabinets are dirty, you can easily wipe them away with kitchen detergent or vinegar mixed in water. Wipe it with a dry towel so that the water does not soak into the wood inside.
  2. Acrylic-coated kitchen cabinets: The best way to clean stains on Acrylic-coated kitchen cabinets is to use warm microfiber towels and limit the use of harsh abrasive materials (brushes, brushes) and strong detergents.
  3. Industrial wood: Although most laminate kitchen cabinets have been treated to resist moisture, it is still advisable to limit water as much as possible by using a dry cloth on the wooden surface instead of a damp cloth.
  4. Natural wood: In addition to using a damp cloth instead of a wet cloth when cleaning kitchen cabinets made from natural wood, you should also invest in a cleaning solution specialized for wood and interior polish to Keep the wood surface like new.
  5. Stone surfaces: Try washing towels with hot water instead of cold water as the heat will make stubborn stains easier to remove. You also need to note the use of cleaning water with medium pH, absolutely avoid acidic substances such as ammonia, vinegar, lemon because acids can corrode the stone surface.

Dressing room interior that the whole family will love

Just as architectural styles change from time to time, the interior also represents the times. For example, if you look at the time period, there are interior features that are receiving new attention. How about now? One of the many factors that have received a lot of attention recently is the dressing room. It is a space to organize clothes and various accessories. In the process of collecting clothes, one of the main causes of clutter, in one space, the number of people showing interest in the dressing room has increased exponentially under the positive image that the inside of the house can be kept neat and tidy. Today’s article introduces dressing room interiors that all family members will love, regardless of gender.

Neat dressing room

The dressing room in the photo was neatly filled with a modern design in a place that could be faced along the movement line. Depending on the reason you want a dressing room, the size of the cabinet, the location of the mirror, and the size may vary.

Neutral color

This time, it was placed next to the bedroom, and the bathroom is in front, so you can naturally prepare to go out after washing or change into comfortable clothes indoors. The furniture was filled with white, and gray was used as a point color. If you want to use the space to feel spacious, consider reducing the color positively.

Functional space

Like the dressing room we looked at earlier, it was created as a space connected from the bedroom. It means that a part of the space that was intended to be a bedroom has been turned into a dressing room. A sliding door makes it possible to open and close, and a mirror is attached to the door leaf to make clever use of the space. It’s functional because you don’t have to worry about where to place the mirror.

Natural dressing room

A separate door was installed to connect the toilet and the flow line, and to directly connect the living room with the flow line. The interior designer who designed this space used soft ivory, white, and black appropriately to create a neutral space that doesn’t offend anyone’s taste.

Everyone’s Favorite Scent

When decorating a dressing room , you must be careful with a diffuse with a strong scent. If you put a diffuse with a strong scent in the dressing room, the scent of the diffuse will seep into your clothes. However, since the scent is highly sensitive to people’s taste, it is better to prepare a diffuse with a neutral scent or remove it altogether if it is not a scent that the whole family agrees on.

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