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Your home is neat and tidy in just 6 steps

Having a clean and tidy home is the goal of all of us in our homes. The home is the haven in which we feel comfortable and spend wonderful and special moments with our family. Messy and untidy homes absorb our energies and affect us negatively, and according to energy science, the energy and its proper distribution in the house gives you comfort. And positive energy, so today we will show you in just 6 steps how to get a neat and tidy home.

1- The external entrance

The entrance is one of the very important places in the house, which must be taken care of in arranging and distributing the decorations in a distinctive way. The entrance here is divided into two parts. The external entrance to the house and this area is very important to make it clean and tidy and full of decorations and decorations so that it gives a good obedience from the outside about what your house is from the inside.

2- The inner entrance

The internal entrance to the house is the one that takes you to the different rooms of the house, and here always make sure to leave the visual space in the entrance empty, meaning that you do not place decorations or huge furniture in the middle of the entrance that obstructs your view at the beginning of the entrance. You can decorate the wall with paintings, but avoid those paintings that contain drawings of wars, mountains and sunset views. It is also common mistakes in the design of the entrance, and among the common mistakes that some make when arranging their homes are: the presence of shoes at the entrance to the house and leaving garbage bags outside. Avoid it so that it does not bring you problems at home. The entrance to energy science is the entrance to energy in the house, so be sure to take care of it.

3- The kitchen

Your kitchen should always look tidy and if you feel that your kitchen space is a bit small, let me tell you that this is not an obstacle at all. You can solve this problem simply by making good use of the spaces and using shelves and cabinets, also if your kitchen is small, stay away from huge furniture, this is definitely It will hinder the spaces, but the choice of furniture should be in perfect harmony with your kitchen space.

The kitchen in energy sciences is the fuel of the house and the symbol of prosperity, so make sure that the location of the kitchen is far from the center of the house so as not to waste the energy of the kitchen, and make sure that in the decoration there is a plate of fruits or a bouquet of plants and flowers because they reflect and generate positive energies in the kitchen, and thus scattered to the rest of your house.

5- Living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, after a long and hard day, this room contains you and your family and allows you to spend special times of fun and relaxation. Family cohesion, and also be careful not to put the TV in the middle of the room because it brings negative energies into the room.

6- The bathroom

The bathroom is one of the areas inside the house that may receive a slight lack of attention inside the house, and this is a mistake, as the bathroom room is one of the most important rooms as well, and specifically every detail of your house is a very important part that you should not neglect, so make sure that there are calm colors in the design of your bathroom, and rely on Comfortable and easy-to-clean items like ceramic and marble, count on having several shelves to give you plenty of space to store your things and get rid of clutter.

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