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Interior ideas to make your living room beautiful

The living room is the area with the strongest public character in a living space. Sometimes families get together to share memories of the day, and talk with friends and neighbors. Therefore, it is important to design an interior design that is accessible to all users in the living room. Of course, it is essential to show various personalities and tastes in the interior of the living room. Then, the ten living room designs introduced in this article can be of great help. Today we are going to cover ten interior ideas to make our living room beautiful.

1. Living room interior ideas filled with the breath of nature

The first design to look at is the living room decorated with the breath of nature. Put green plants on the windowsill to create a refreshing atmosphere. The floor finished with a herringbone pattern preserves the natural texture of wood. The design lighting installed in the middle of the living room combines an elegant form with a modern sensibility.

2. Living room design with a sense of open space and an open view

The living room to be checked this time is a space that was completed. The living room placed on the first floor of the detached house can feel the open atmosphere thanks to the space configured in the duplex type. The large opening on the side becomes a frame that captures the surrounding landscape. It is a case with both a rich sense of space and an open view.

3. Living room interior with open ceiling and light tones

White creates a bright and refreshing atmosphere. Of course, white is not inferior to the background of all paintings. So, what if you actively use white in the interior of your living room? a design group specializing in housing design, is decorated with a high space created by an open ceiling in white. Here’s a look that gives points with colors and materials from time to time.

4. Living room interior ideas that harmonize with the front door

A big trend in home design recently is the installation of a middle door. The advantage of the main entrance door is that it can maintain a pleasant indoor environment and protect the privacy of residents. In addition, it will be even better if the central entrance door harmonizes with other living room interiors.

5. Living room interior that harmonizes stylish sensibility and practicality

What about the combination of white and gray? The gray floor gives a visual sense of stability to the living room, a domestic interior expert . Here, the white walls and ceiling create a cheerful and bright indoor environment. The low-tone living room sofa and the wall dividing the middle of the living room into two areas are the result of considering practicality.

6. Living room interior ideas considering the combination of colors and materials

Another living room designed by the experts above is a good example. Various combinations of materials can be seen on the floor, walls and ceiling. Furthermore, both indirect lighting installed in every corner and recessed lighting installed in the ceiling are elements that brighten up the space. The dark wood finish creates a luxurious atmosphere.

7. Living room interior giving a point with popping colors

How about giving a point to the living room interior with a pop of color? The apartment living room completed by domestic interior expert uses blue as a point color. The sofa and ceiling moldings are decorated in blue, and yellow and bright lighting from time to time encourage positive energy.

8. Living room interior considering both sitting and standing life

There is also a space tailored to the daily life of Koreans who take off their shoes indoors. Let’s take a look at the living room in the picture completed by the house design expert. In addition to the living room tailored to the upright lifestyle, a sitting platform was installed in one dining room. It is an interior that considers the relationship between the three areas of the kitchen, living room, and dining room, as well as sitting and standing life.

9. Living room interior ideas suitable for duplex living space

How about a two-story house that efficiently uses space according to the floor height? Here, white is mainly used for walls and ceilings, which relieves the visual burden. On the other hand, floor finishing materials that added natural textures and colors were installed throughout the living space. A white spiral staircase connecting the two floors is also a good design idea, a domestic interior expert .

10. Design a beautiful living room to match your apartment living space

Apartments account for a high percentage of the domestic housing market. At this time, it is important to meticulously understand the existing space in designing the living room according to the living space of the apartment. Let’s decorate the space by adding the individuality and taste of the occupants while maintaining the large frame. The living room of the apartment, completed by domestic interior specialist, is comfortable with lighting and neutral colors.

Ideas to beat the tiny living room space

You cannot always get what you would like , but sometimes you’ll get what you would like , and thus an equivalent is true for small living rooms , you’ll not find an outsizes room, but you’ll get an easy small room with a limited space but very elegantly designed, and this is often what we’ll mention it today on through this text .

1- Altitudes

The only senses you employ during a room do not have to be sight and smell. Think a touch about touch, too. The nice and cozy texture of the living room is reflected within the feeling of heat inside the space , and here we see a country design living room with concrete floors, walls designed entirely of brick, wooden stairs, furniture upholstered in cotton and cashmere.

2- The void

With this couch within the corner you’ll have more spaces within the middle of the space, which is little for straightforward movement. Don’t clutter the space with only the required pieces of furniture. The mixture of elegance, practicality and good use of space is that the dominant feature of this room

3- Multiple services

By using an equivalent item for various purposes and in neat ways, you’ll conserve and exploit your precious void. We see here the shelving units during this modern living room design make the space radiate joy and ease.

4- A perfect room

A simple easy trick is to direct attention to a selected point within the room: far away from the tiny dimensions, simplicity and high design of the ceilings play an enormous role within the design of the space through the planning of the furniture and therefore the soothing colors within the room.

5- Shine a light-weight

You can use the trick of lighting and shadows, to direct the sunshine to certain places within the room, and use the shade to other places within the remainder of the space, and if you’ve got high ceilings within the room, fix the lights on them through the utilization of straightforward LED spots or lamps to make a special spirit inside the space.

Distinct modern living rooms

The front room for the comfort of an entire family is everyone’s dream, with different tastes, ideas and wishes of all relations. The most important challenge remains to possess a design with of these specifications. Today we’ll present to you 5 of the foremost beautiful modern designs for living rooms that are distinguished by their elegance, beauty and ease at an equivalent time .. We hope you enjoyable reading…

  1. Ivory is that the color of luxury.

The ivory color is one among the foremost luxurious and stylish colors, with the captain adding a special elegance and unparalleled elegance, an L-shaped corner that distinguishes the planning and makes the simplest use of the space.

2- An easy TV corner.

The designer’s intelligence here played a pivotal role in designing an easy front room, turning it into a special corner for television and practicing many other activities like reading and relaxing

  1. Quiet and ease.

The lighting style within the design gave the specified calm within the design of the front room, but the designer was also keen to settle on a simple and straightforward way of furnishing.

  1. Modern and bold design.

The modern contemporary design is distinguished by a chic and innovative partition and distinctive wooden background.

  1. Delightful pastel colors.

All pastel shades radiate joy, tranquility, beauty and ease, and natural lighting remains a companion.


Arrange Living Room Furniture

It can be difficult to arrange the furniture in a living room with a TV. Filling a room around your gadgets in a way that is both functional and visually beautiful can seem like a daunting challenge when you are presented with an empty space. Yet through time, interior designers have learned a few straightforward, practical rules that help your TV appear beautiful in your living room. If you simply adhere to these common sense guidelines, you’ll discover that placing furniture—TV included or not—isn’t quite as intimidating as you might have thought.

Consider Popular Furniture Layouts

Consider classic living room designs that designers frequently use to create the most attractive spaces to narrow down your possibilities. Here are a few examples of how to arrange furniture in a living room.

Layout: Because it visually balances the area, a symmetrical plan works in any size or form of room. A symmetrical arrangement would have two sofas facing one another, separated by a table. A symmetrical couch is one that has matching side chairs on either side of it.

Layout with floating furniture: Use a floating furniture arrangement if your living room has a lot of windows but not enough wall space to attach your furniture. To create an island in the middle of the room with a TV installed on one wall, place your furniture a few feet away from the walls.

L-shaped layout: An L-shaped living room and dining room combo is regarded as an awkward area and comes with its own set of difficulties, including a lack of available wall space for placing furniture and a TV. The sofa sits on the long wall and the TV can be placed on the wall directly in front of the sofa in rooms with two walls that can be used for furniture placement.

Layouts for asymmetrical rooms: Asymmetrical or awkward-shaped rooms include those that are narrow, have nooks and crannies, or have fireplaces that are at an angle. Create zones with furniture by placing it on area rugs in awkwardly shaped living rooms. A striking floor lamp or another large statement piece can serve as an additional anchor for a space.

Layouts for long, thin rectangular living rooms: As there are two long walls available, it’s typical to position the sofa against one wall and the TV—whether mounted or on a stand—against the other.

Choose a Focal Point

Never undervalue a room’s main point’s influence. They can be created intentionally, like with TV stands and televisions, or they might come organically, like if you have a large window or a built-in fireplace mantel. Decide on a focus point and stay with it, whatever that may be. Furniture should be placed as closely as feasible to it.

Don’t Push Furniture against the Walls

The size of the room will determine how far you can draw your furniture away from the walls, but even in a small room, you should leave a few inches between the backs of furniture pieces and the walls to give the items some breathing room. Contrary to popular assumption, this little piece of area might really provide the illusion that a room is larger. Naturally, if you have a larger room, feel free to arrange the furniture so that conversation areas are made in the middle of the space, allowing a few feet between the furniture and the walls.

Determine TV Placement

The size of your TV and a few other things may affect where you put it in your living room. Here are some pointers:

The area of your living room where the TV is to be positioned should not be exposed to direct sunlight or glare from other types of illumination.

Keep your TV away from busy places. Nothing is more annoying than attempting to watch TV while people are constantly passing by. Generally speaking, your TV should face your sitting so you can watch it comfortably from your couch or chairs. There are advantages and disadvantages to mounting a TV over a fireplace, but if done properly, it can free up floor space in a tiny living room layout.

Create Conversation Areas

Without having to strain their necks or shout across the room, people ought to be able to naturally communicate with one another. Place the couches and chairs close enough to one another so that people can talk without raising their voices, but not necessary facing one other directly. Create additional chat spaces if the space is too vast.

Find Balance When Arranging Furniture

When placing furniture and other items in your living room, balance is especially crucial for décor. A room can feel uneven and a little disturbing if all the large or little pieces are grouped in one spot or on one side of the room, so take into account the size and location of the various components. Make sure the shapes are varied as well; if your seating is straight, for instance, think about a spherical coffee table.

Consider Traffic Flow

Traffic movement is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when placing furniture in any room. To move through the room, people shouldn’t have to trip over the furniture or each other. A few feet, give or take a few inches, should be left between the coffee table and sofa as well as between the chairs. Provide a path that is clear so that people may easily move from one end of the room to the other.

Use the Right-Size Rugs

Area rugs should be placed below all of the furniture, if possible. It’s acceptable to expose some flooring at the room’s boundaries, but if you use an area rug, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all the furniture in a seating arrangement. Large items should at the very least have their front legs resting on the rug (the backs can optionally be on the floor).

Get a Big Coffee Table

Larger is usually preferable when it comes to coffee tables. A big coffee table in the centre of a seating area serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. It serves as the room’s focal point and provides lots of room for customers to set their drinks down or for you to exhibit your favourite accessories. Large tables are also simpler to get to from the chairs surrounding them. In light of this, be certain to give enough space for traffic to pass between the furniture and the coffee table (about 18 inches). Additionally, two smaller tables or other coffee table options can work well as a substitute if you can’t find a huge coffee table that suits your needs.

Put Tables at Arm’s Length

A side or coffee table should be easily reachable from every seat. Avoid seating arrangements that require people to get up from their chairs to place things down or get drinks. With relation to table height:

If it’s not possible to have side or end tables at the same height as the nearest chair arms, lower is preferable. Coffee tables should be at least as high as the seat of a chair or sofa.

Let There Be Light

One of any room’s most crucial components, lighting is frequently disregarded. Use a variety of floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lighting at all times (and sconces, if you can). A floor light looks fantastic behind an accent chair or at the end of a sofa. On side tables, bookcases, and even mantels, table lamps look charming. Use a range of fixtures widely all throughout your room as balanced lighting requires placement at various levels.

Use the Right-Size Artwork

Whether they are pieces of art, mirrors, or sculptural sculptures, anything that hang on walls need to be positioned thoughtfully and in proportion to the furniture. Instead of hanging a tiny photo over the back of your sofa, for instance, use a huge piece that is around two-thirds its length or a collection of pieces. If you must use a piece of art that is too little, enclose it in a wider frame and a larger matte so it may stand out when placed next to a huge piece of furniture.

Putting It All Together

If your strategy entails purchasing new items, it is best to plan ahead when it comes to furniture and accessories arrangement. To draught your ideal floor plan, use either a traditional piece of graph paper or an online floor planner. The only reliable way to determine whether or not things will work out as you wish is to do it.

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