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How to renew your bathroom in 6 steps

Have you ever thought about renovating  your bathroom  , but every time the questions stop you from where to start and what parts you can get rid of and what things you can use again after the renovation, because at we know how keen you are to do things Ideally, we present, however, in this book of ideas, the steps to renovate your bathroom in a very simplified way so that it becomes clear to you what can continue with you and what you can replace and get rid of in the new design.

1- Get rid of the crickets

In the beginning, before you even decide what you want to renovate and where to start, you can get rid of the clutter and the useless things that are a burden on your bathroom such as useless accessories, burnt bulbs and broken things.

2- Re-evaluate the look of the walls and floors

Does the shape of the walls and floors in your old bathroom attract your attention? If the answer is no, you can directly think about changing them with more modern and attractive colors, and this is due to your taste in the choice in the first place.

3- The level of lighting in the bathroom

Do you see all the corners in your bathroom if you turn on the light switch or there are bulbs that do not work and dark parts, immediately think about changing the lighting system and strengthening it if you feel a bit narrow and dark in the bathroom

4- Modern sanitary ware

Sanitary ware such as cabins, bathtubs and tubs have the ability, according to their condition, to make you feel the modernity of your bathroom. Evaluate their condition after cleaning and try to renew them if they are old-fashioned to suit your modern plans. 

5- The shape of the mirror

Look at the shape of the mirror in your bathroom and make sure that it is without cracks or spots, and if it is the opposite, choose another one and replace it with what fits the space of your walls and try to be plain without inscriptions in the case of a narrow bathroom and vice versa in the case of spaciousness.

6- Place of sanitary ware

In another step, you must ensure the safety of your choices regarding the division of the bathroom and the location of the sanitary ware. If you notice any tightness or discomfort in your use of one of the bathroom pieces, try to find an appropriate space for it in the new division while maintaining the advantages of the old design.

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How to renew your bathroom

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