Know Your Kitchen

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Modular Kitchen is a Ongoing Trend In Modern Homes. A well-designed modular Kitchen offers a seamless cooking experience. In this Kitchen Layout plays a very important Role to make space more spacious, functional, organized and ergonomically correct.

Kitchendécor brings you, Futuristic Modular Kitchen Solutions with aesthetics and functionality to make your cooking experience joyful.


L Shape Kitchen

The big window divides the space and keeps the right side for things like the sink and water purifier. Make the kitchen look very chic.


U Shape Kitchen

This three-wall kitchen layout is generally larger and more space is provided for cooking, cleaning, food preparation, and storage.


Stratight Kitchen

This one-wall kitchen layout is a simple, yet functional design. It is ideal for smaller spaces such as a studio apartment,


Parrallel Kitchen

This parallel kitchen in contrasting shades soaks in tonnes of natural light with the current layout. It\'s chic while being comfortable

L Shape Modular Kitchen

These Kitchen are classy and seek & give you a marvellous experience of cooking. L Shape Modular Kitchen comes with amazing features. The Kitchen design give you plenty of reem for all your appliances and crockery all the part of an L Shaped Modular Kitchen are made of fine quality granite, wood, marble, and tile which adds the beauty of the look of the kitchen. With Proper Utilisation of available space the L Shape Modular Kitchen are extremely convenient to use. The first and important factor for L shaped Modular Kitchen allows you to choose between ranges of material used for furniture. 


U Shape Modular Kitchen

A Standard U Shaped Modular Kitchen is among the most classy designs as it keeps everything within reach. Weather the things is small or large. U Shaped Modular Kitchen comes with amazing features that simply enables you to enjoy the experience of cooking to the fullest. Whether U Shaped Kitchens are located in large or small areas they provide plenty of work spaces and are safe. U Shaped Kitchen that is large enough for more than two people to cook or wash dishes and enjoy the outside scenery. The Modular U Shaped Kitchen designs are made from wide range of materials based on budget and convenience. 

Island Shape Kitchen

Island layout of the modular kitchen is the most Popular layout all around the world. It looks most contemporary & stylish. This layout has extra counter space separated from the main counter. The extra counter space can be used to place a hob or use it as dining cum entertainment space. This layout also gives a great feeling, extra storage and is useful for spacious homes.


 Extra Storage
 Extra Seating
 Extra Amenities
 Great for Family Space

Parallel Shape Kitchen

Parallel Modular Kitchen is well-designed modular kitchen with factory made storage cabinets byb Utilisation of space with great efficiency. The Parallel shaped modular kitchen layout consists of a work space on one wall with a second free standing workspace, running parallel to it, One of three Kitchen components, hob, sink & fridge Parallel to other two. This type of Kitchen divides the working space in Kitchen by splitting it into separate area for wet and dry work. Parallel Modular Kitchen provide an enough space so that more than two people can work in the Kitchen without disturbing each other. We have a team of expects who will guide you to make the best purchase and get the best value for your money. Just get in touch with us.


Straight Shape Kitchen

This one-wall kitchen layout is a simple, yet functional design. It is ideal for smaller spaces such as a studio apartment, where everything is within easy reach, including your appliances, cabinets, cooking tools, and ingredients. This compact layout is ideal for the single user so they access all components of their kitchen easily. It also adds to an open floor plan, where any user is able to interact with others while using the kitchen. To maximize the space and minimize the visual clutter in this layout, everything can easily be hidden behind sliding or pocket doors. In a straight kitchen your working triangle is placed in a linear design. Ideally your sink is between the cooking range and the refrigerator with plenty of counter space in between. With this layout, you can easily add a dining table to create a more social and interactive atmosphere.


Peninsula Shape Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen layout has a free-standing workspace or little extra counter space for either dining or entertainment. Unlike an island, this peninsula is connected to the main workspace; making it accessible from three sides. Often considered the ideal layout for homes with small kitchen areas, the peninsula provides all the advantages of an island worktop while utilizing less floor space.


 Provides Extra counter space & extra storage
 Accessible from three sides
 Mostly used to separate Kitchen & Dining space in Room
 Ideal for Breakfast or serving space